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  1. I think what you're looking for is in C:\Users\you\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Config\View You'll be looking for CameraViewAngleLimits....... I think
  2. You can use them but I think you'll find them too sensitive(1) and they seem to have a tiny bit of lag between moving the wheel and the control moving(2). This causes an "overshoot" every time you use it as you invariably go too far. I ended up putting my trim (elevator and rudder) on the same hat switch. It takes a looong time to set the pitch for takeoff (1 notch down) from normal flight (about 2 up) but it's sensitive enough for much better speed control. Rotaries for things like prop pitch and gunsight range adjust (P51), slider for Spit brakes.
  3. Sort of... what's missing is the instant "seat of the pants" feedback you would get if you were actually sitting in a plane. Every correction we make is lagging far behind what the airplane is doing at the time because we're only reacting to visual feedback.
  4. Wouldn't a button (on/off) give you full brakes or none? My throttle has a slider axis and I use that for the brakes after trying and rejecting the other methods. I too found binding both brake pedals ended up giving only 50% braking. Compressed air is a fluid, just like hydraulic and generally works the same way.
  5. I read somewhere here about oleo struts not damping as they should, returning the "spring" back into the airframe making the landings squirrely. I've suggested to many to land without flaps. Your sink rate will be under 1000 fpm and touchdowns much smoother. Do your regular approach and when you flare you'll have a couple of seconds to get everything stable before you touch down. Smooth touchdowns don't impart any bounce back into the plane. I find that the sooner you get on the brakes the better, max brakes if it's going bad.
  6. It's focus is PvP but there are AI in the mix with a sophisticated system where (I think) an extra AI will spawn in to even the sides when a player joins. I've seen B-17 raids, messages of new ground targets, radar towers to take out.....I'm forgetting more. From what I've seen the RAF are a stand up bunch of guys as well.
  7. I recorded this for someone else who was having trouble shooting. Trying to demonstrate lead and lag pursuit to get a lesser deflection(better aspect) shot. Nose way ahead of the enemy to close the distance then nose slightly behind to tune angle off for a near zero deflection shot. By then you notice you can be very close. I prefer a convergence of 150 yards or even less but a locked thread told us all there will be no entertaining that foolish notion.
  8. You don't need a config file. Best to set the stick up as you go with what functions you use most often. If you don't have a head tracker you probably want to use the hat for your views. Elevator and rudder trim, prop pitch up/down(engine RPM), bomb/rocket pickle, Teamspeak transmit, zoom view in and out are popular choices. For the 51 you will need to be dropping and raising flaps regularly while turning with an enemy. To set the keys up I found a description for you
  9. I don't see a recent thread for the RAF662 server? Seems to be about the best thing going these days.....the level of the clouds are a bit hard on my machine though.
  10. I stopped using all the manufacturer software for all controllers about a decade ago and have had very few problems since. Bind the stuff in game and be done with it. If you need something extra use a 3rd party like Joytokey or similar.
  11. That is indeed the question Vinnie. Either way though thanks very much for posting it. It's made the Spit a pleasure to fly. If this is the Spit the rest of you have been flying it's no wonder we've had a difference of opinion on how this bird handles.
  12. Try looking at the keyboard settings in your Windows control panel. See if changing the "character repeat" delay and rate has any effect.
  13. While it may not have been common there's ample evidence it was done. Whether it's a historical point or not I think it is a highly desirable feature and ask that you reconsider it's importance to the user.
  14. I don't know if it's just the power of suggestion but I have to agree. Much of the "wandering nose" is toned right down. This makes gunnery and especially landing feel normal. I'm using a CH Fighterstick, X52 throttle and Saitek pedals.
  15. I said it and still stand by it. As to why it was released like that.... above my pay grade.
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