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  1. Just had the same issue. I flew both the F-14 and F-18 during the same session so don't know which triggered it.
  2. So there I was flying at probably ~mach 1 and 20k feet towards an SA-10 site which had fired at me. I make a quick roll to the left and make a small but quick pull on the stick to initiate a turn. Black out and plane is torn to pieces. This surprised me. Now I know the Tomcat has no computers stopping you from being stupid but I still thought such a light deflection on the stick, even if quick, would not be harmful. I would estimate it was at most a quarter of the travel and I have no curves. Is this a lesson for me, to be gentle with the cat at high speed? I can't recall if I've done this with other analog airplanes in this manner. Can someone confirm that I should just pull more gradually?
  3. Are you sure you selected the correct display when you press uncage? Sent from my Nokia 7 plus using Tapatalk
  4. You have to turn on the datalink, it's the D/L between ILS and BCN on the UFC D'oh, sniiped
  5. Isn't the pitch trim really slow for the Hornet so you have to press it a long time?
  6. I was confused by the description of the function. It extends when there is weight on the front wheel? I thought it was for redundancy during landing if the engine died. Should it be weight OFF the front wheel?
  7. Had this happen the first time today over 2 years. Hopped in the Viggen on the Growling Sidewinders server and got kicked out as soon as I spawned. Just restarted after seeing this thread and it worked fine.
  8. He seems pretty brave to me. Got caught up in a chase and ran out of fuel. It never seemed to bother him that we were getting low on fuel or that the engines died. The fact that I crossed the nearby runway threshold way too fast and landed about 3 quarters down the runway and ran off the runway never made him flinch either. DCS physics then thought running off meant the plane explodes.
  9. I'm confused by the profile settings for GBU-12. I'll go in through the DSMS and select the GBU-12 and I'll go to the profile and set it to CCRP, auto lase on and 15 seconds and press save. Then I'll go to the profiles list with all the weapons, find GBU-12 and go look at it only to see the settings never saved. I'll set them there too and save, go back to the DSMS and sometimes they seem to be saved and sometimes I'll have to go through the process maybe a third time before the weapon is really set up. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong here. Is there a difference between selecting the weapons in the DSMS and going to the profile or going to the profile list and selecting the weapon and changing the settings?
  10. Alright, made sure my Windows was up to date and reinstalled the graphics drivers today using the suggested tool but unfortunately no luck. I was trying to play with a friend so didn't save every log but I had at least 3 times today when odd things would happen either when I alt+tab or if something happened to make DCS lose focus. My cursor disappears, sometimes from both windows and DCS and sometimes just windows. Windows explorer crashed one time and I had another message about invalid memory being accessed. I'll try to get a screenshot next time. This is quite a frustrating issue. I guess a reinstall is worth a shot if nothing else can be recommended. dcs.log.txt
  11. Had a quite annoying crash in the middle of a WVR fight. DCS accessed invalid memory. My cursor disappeared and after a while my screens just went black and I was unable to do anything other than a hard reset of the computer. log attached dcs (2).txt
  12. I like watching the bombs release sometimes using the F2 view. Since the update it's not working anymore. No release but the HUD symbology if I go back into the cockpit shows the TIT countdown.
  13. I can agree with the sentiment though. I'm going to choose to not buy the F-16 based on the experience I've had with the F-18. Mostly the radar has been very confusing in the F-18 because it's behaviour has changed throughout the early access period. Even though the goal was to not have to relearn things.
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