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  1. had to uninstall the carrier as any map with it on in multiplayer i get crash to desktop when we take it off the map i dont get crash top desktop so she has an issue with something
  2. yep thats all i can see if i look down a it screen goes black same if im looking let or right and try to look dead front it goes black i also get this as i said when looking at the agm 88 from directly behind my screen goes black yet i can watch the missile clearly from below above left or right but not directly behind same =effect so not sure if i need to change something in graphics settings or is just a compatibility issue or something
  3. screen shot attached shows the limit i can see if i lower my camera any further down screen goes black i also get the same funnily enough if i watch the agm 88 missile from externals if i look at it from directly behind screen goes black not sure if the two events are related but thgout id mention it anyways
  4. yeah im still working on it but yes i deleted the old one
  5. When i look straight ahead the cockpit goes all black screen i haved to look left or right or up to see anything
  6. ok figured that part out its workign again so now to find the offending mod so far ive eliminated ay of the ship or ground vehicle mods as the offender so must be a plane will check tomoz thanks for that draconus wouldent have gotten past it without your advice
  7. ok thanks will try that and post results here lol cabt even find a file or folder called %userprofile%
  8. tahat didnt work either so now my 14 is useless that was money well spent,,,,
  9. NVM FOUND THEM oops caps ok deleted em now doing repair to see if it fixes it
  10. i dont have any of the above on y systewm yet ive still ost my jester menu i hear themic click when i press a but no graphics shows up
  11. im at a loss ive unistalled then reinstalled it ive removed th eluas and done a repaie ive removed the fodlers and reinstalled and still no jester interface so now i have a f14 btu i cant use any of the damd ordnance as ive no way to tell jester which pylons etc
  12. nope its not even on my system
  13. f14 jester has dissapeared since i installed the syria map any thoughts i de installed the tomcat and reinstalled ut no joy when i press a i hear the mic click soud b ut the graphics of the jester interface wont show up
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