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  1. A dead horse at this point but i agree with the above. The small touches that are left to make it very good and put most, if not all of the planes that are available on "The other pretty scenery" sim to shame.
  2. At this point with so many users still having this issue after years. Remaking the sound from scratch would be my choice of action.
  3. We're out of pitchforks, they are all being used in the F-16 threads, Two weeks without an update??!! how dare you.... :music_whistling: :D
  4. Hoffster


    Is it possible to slave it to the HSI now? And will other features like storing setup be implemented?
  5. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=275428 post #3
  6. Yeah, it it's a shame for such an otherwise beautifully made plane. They did a great job on many things like external model, cockpit and engine sound...
  7. Any news on updated interior engine sound for this beauty?
  8. As you seem to be in DK i would recommend my home town https://www.norwegianaviationmuseum.com/ in Bodø. A bonus is of course the surrounding area and military airbase with F16´s operating daily right by the museum.
  9. A class 205 thumper turbo recording would be great, turbo size looks similar :lol:
  10. Hopefully with Vulkan, more cores will be more important then single core clock speed as it is now. I have a feeling that an AMD build to prep for Vulkan might be a wise choice. That is unless Intel drops a competitor to the 3600/3700X at a similar price out of the blue.
  11. Indeed, This and the bad sounds stops it from being enjoyable.
  12. I assumed it would go to wp1 after liftoff in auto mode, so that was it. Thanks.
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