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  1. The TIGER II pit V1.16 is the one I started with. The TIGER II refurbished 1.0 is the TIGER II pit V1.16 but I removed allmost all the dirt and scratches, and gave it some fresher looking textures like it got a new paint job. So not factory fresh, but refurbished.
  2. In the [ layers, channels, paths ] window on the right, select channels, and turn off the alpha channel. I hope that gets you further along.
  3. Check : Eagle Dynamics/dcs/bazar/textures/uh-1 -> uh1_int.dds
  4. Allready reported 6 months ago, so there is no hurry on ED's side. You can check out one of my cockpit MOD's without the shimmering (see link below) This is what it looks like in the footwell behind the front panel.
  5. I doubt they will do a complete redesign of the co-pilots collective anyday soon, but maybe they will consider just moving the switch ( although I doubt that too actually ). Maybe ED will surprise us with a complete overhaul sometime, and bring it to the same 3D model level as the upcoming Apache.
  6. LDG LT switch on the co-pilot's collective has to be moved to the left a bit.
  7. I did start on the Huey a year ago, then I stopped, started again and stopped. There is some weird 3D moddeling and texturing in that module, not really enjoyable. Maybe I will give it another try someday. But I really hope ED will do it. Like new module, updating old module, new module, updating old module etc. This is a screenshot of what I have at this moment.
  8. F-5E TIGER II pit updated to 1.16 F-5E TIGER II pit refurbished updated to 1.0 Both Mods have the cockpit lighting and illumination overhauled.
  9. Has been added in this cockpit mod. F/A-18C HORNET pit V1.61 (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  10. Updated the F/A-18C HORNET pit to V1.61 Only changed the circuit breakers. When you pull them out they now show white area. If you never looked at or used the circuit breakers, you can skip this update.
  11. I did some work on the instrument glass reflections (fingerprints/dirt) , but at a very minor level I think. I made the defoging tubes on the canopy frame a little dirtier (again only a little bit) , and some work on the fasteners. PNL LT and 1 BIT 2 are now some sort of paper stickers (I saw that in some pictures) Also the OFF IDLE MIL MAX on the throttle quadrant are some sort of placards now. So with this information you might want to check the screenshots again, and decide if updating to 1.15 is necessary for you. You can also use both 1.13 and 1.15 next to eachother offcourse.
  12. @Furiz You allready posted this on november 25.
  13. Just try one of my cockpit MODs for the F-5E while you wait for ED to update their F-5 module. F-5E TIGER II pit (V1.13) & F-5E TIGER II refurbished - DCS Mods - ED Forums (eagle.ru)
  14. Those are the same knobs that were not illuminated in the early days off this module. When looking at them in modelviewer -> draw mode -> emissive , they are also the only white objects in a otherwise black cockpit.
  15. One row for map modules, one for WW2 modules and one row for modern fighters. Maybe even a row for helo's. Purchased in the front, not purchased at the back.
  16. Especially the D versions, O mama.
  17. How about the backlighting on the GEN TIE CONTROL panel? the word reset does not seem to be backlit. Also the text ALE-39 RESET left of the ANT SEL panel, is that backlit? And last, on the ALR-67 RWR panel, are the text and letters on the thin part backlit? (audio-dmr-dis type -f-u-a-i-n) thank you in advance.
  18. It is the reflection from the cockpit. ( looked at it in modelviewer after updating to ) ED has to make the backwall and sidewall of the footwell none reflective to remove it I guess. It is totally black in my F-5 Mods.
  19. Do not have pictures from the real one, but this looks wrong. Picture shows 2, but there are also 2 in the back making it 4x total.
  20. Amazing work @Ala12Rv-Muscat. It looks like the back of the rocket motor is grey. If you check my Mod, you can find the location of that texture. I hope ED does something with it. F/A-18C HORNET pit V1.54 (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
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