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  1. Must replace?! I even listen to the soundtrack by Meteor when working, cleaning, cooking etc (no not every day). It's an awesome soundtrack! I hope it will be as great with the Eurofighter and hopefully another one for the Phantom.
  2. It's about as cheap as it ever has been right now, I don't think you will see it any cheaper in quite a few years, but that is just a guess. And it is hands down the most well made module even though most modules are top rated and superb. Knowing what I know about the F14 module, even if I don't fly it as often as I should, I would rather save some money on food one month and buy the module rather than be without it It's twice the price of the F5 on sale but I would rather get one that gives so many more things to do with it. And if it's for F4 training with Jester AI, it's really the "only" choice. Wilbuz
  3. Same here. Worked an hour ago. I changed my password on the account page just to make sure which resulted in all my modules being disabled so right now I can't play offline either, just some advice, don't do that I'm sure it will be fixed soon enough.
  4. Thought I'd share this extremely interesting video. Turn on captions for English subs. Great and interesting information and some superb (though low quality of course) low level flying and attack video. He talks about the cold war mostly, numbers of deaths in the air force, hard and dangerous training. He flew the Lansen and the Viggen.
  5. I've been flying the Ka50 for quite some time and it's a lovely bird. Once you get used to letting the bird do much of the things for you (fly on a course, auto turn to target etc) it can be very effective and very fun. It's also very fun to fly with autopilot off or with Director control on (turns off autopilot but keeps some control dampening). Having said that the Mi24 has been long on my wish list and I'm SO happy it's finally hear. After having flown the Ka50 the Mi24 feels very easy as far as systems go. It's very quick to learn, use Petrovich to shoot missiles and you do the rest your self. Or of course a human in the front seat. The Mi24 feels more fun to fly most of the time, to me at least, as it's actually being flown more by the human. I'm also a big fan of manual aiming stuff like the cannon. It's just more fun. The Ka50 is in most situations the better killer, you can stay much further away and fire laser guided missiles. The Mi24 has shorter missile range and no laser targeting. The gunner aims the missile all the way to the target. Taking out long range AAA like Gepards can be very difficult as they can often reach you before you safely reach them with a missile, not to mention gun range. But I've long since stopped concentrating on "what the more modern and powerful module" and started concentrating on "which one will I have most fun it". This is why I love the Hind, Tomcat and Viggen for example. Also, for me, I think the Apache will see me spend most time in that and much less in the Ka50 which makes the Mi24 a more "fun" and different older bird.
  6. I haven't started "Update DCS World Open Beta" these many times in a day ever before. I don't know why but it's something special with this patch! Wilbuz - Livestock Liberation Front
  7. Fairly old thread I know but still wanted to add some thoughts, and info perhaps even though I don't have my books in front of me. The Fw190 has long been by favorite WW2 to fly, used to fly the A5, A8 and D9 almost exclusively in the early 2000's in the online game Aces High. Of course, that is more of a game than a sim so let's not compare it to DCS. However, by being my favorite plane I did a lot of research in to it and most of the common versions all the way up to the Ta152 (would be awesome to have that in DCS). The Fw 190A version that was first superior to the Spitfire in most ways was the early A's and when compared to the Spitfire Mk V which was the latest Spitfire version when the Fw190A entered service. The Spitfire Mk IX was as mentioned before a rushed stop gap before the Mark VIII could be completed though the Mark IX proved to be good enough and on par with the Fw190A to remain in production and become the most produced variant, including sub variants with clipped wings etc. From the A6 and onward (if I remember correct) the weight started creeping up some what as they more and more modified the A version to handle American heavy bombers, the weight increase was in the form of heavier armament and in some cases armor although the A5 for example was already well armored. The A8 was more or less a version designed to destroy the bombers, it wasn't meant to be a fighter interceptor in the same way as a 109 or Spitfire for example. Heavier armor and guns meant the already quite heavy wing load/per square meter was even heavier. The Fw190, even its early versions, was never able to turn with Spitfires or 109's for example. From the report of the captured Fw190A3 the only advantage the Spitfire Mk V had over the Fw190 was turn radius but with the advantages of early Fw 190A even that wasn't much of an advantage as the Fw190 could simply make a few quick rolls and then dive away or extend in level flight. With the Spitfire Mk IX the speeds of the planes were much closer, the turn rate of the Spitfire remained superior while the roll rate of the Fw190 remained superior. The Fw190A8 in DCS feels very much like I always thought it would feel like and this very much goes for the Dora as well. I think it's important to understand how much ahead of its time the Fw190 was in many ways and this means fighting with it, and against it, in different more modern ways. It is in every sense of the way a pure energy fighter. Speed is life and height is might. That goes for the Dora as much as the Anton. Looking at some of the awesome "ahead of its time" stuff when you compare it to other planes of its time is how easy it was meant to be to handle as well as other ergonomic features. The fact that you need to handle the throttle and nothing else such as RPM, supercharger stages etc meant is was easy and almost trouble free to handle. This took a lot of load of from the pilots and is something that is modeled well in DCS unlike games where all planes are easy to engine manage. Getting in to a 190 and starting it up feels modern, easy, slick and well thought out. Compare that to a P51 or P47 for example. Also, the seat position of the 190 was "feet high" which resulted in better G tolerance for the pilot. Not sure if this is modeled though. The Fw 190A8 in DCS is and isn't a great match for the Spitfire or the P51 or P47. These planes all outperform the A8 in most ways apart from roll rate. The A8's biggest advantage is heavy armament, quick roll rate and a superb initial turn rate IF you have the energy for it. After one or two turns though this energy is gone which means the A8 is in some big trouble. Scissors work great in many ways, especially if you have altitude and the ability to make a few quick rolls and get away. Down on the deck though the options are limited to none existent against a pilot who knows even a little bit about what he is doing. Trying to scissor against a Spit at the deck with no alt or energy is doomed to fail as the Spit just needs to climb a little, slow down and stay above at stall speed if nothing else. That of course leaves the Spit vulnerable to other attacks. Much the same goes for the P51 or P47 actually. The P51 and P47 turns worse than the Spit though they are quite a bit faster. Especially the P47 seems to be very fast at the deck (and other altitudes) with water methanol injection. The benefit of the A8 is that it can run full throttle pretty much all the time. The A8 and in many ways the Dora are no planes to challenge the current allied fighters one on one. This doesn't mean they are worse planes per say but it means they are planes that need to be flown more "modern" as they are energy fighters rather than turn fighters with roots in the dogfights of WW I. They need to be kept fast and preferably in a team. This can of course be said for all fighters but somehow it seems to benefit the Fw 190's in a much higher degree. Being caught low and slow in an A8 is doom, there is no way out of it and there shouldn't be really. Fly the A8 with a wingman or two and your options open up considerably. Heavy guns and the ability to take serious hits and keep going and fighting is a huge benefit, especially in an environment where quick kills can save you. I had a great flight the other day with another pilot I had never met. I have just recently starting getting in to the warbirds of DCS and have a lot to learn hear, especially gunnery as most of the ACM I knew back 20 years ago is still valid in DCS though gunnery is much harder. We were both in A8's on the storm of war server, low clouds meant we stayed bellow 500m altitude all the time and despite taking flack damage, and being up against both Spits and P47's, we came out on top. Good communication, heavy guns and the fact that both knew to fly the A8 without getting in to turnfights meant we could keep our energy high even down low and work at clearing each other sixes. A flight prior to that I got caught low and slow in the A8 and got jumped by two Spits. My own fault, nothing do. After taking an amazing amount of hits and with a burning engine/fuel tank I ditched the plane in front of them both and deprived them of a pure kill. Pilot survived. Good enough considering. I think the Fw190's are just about a completely different type of fighting most people have a hard time getting used to. Simple fact is you can't get in to prolonged turn fights. You learn how to aim (my biggest issue in DCS warbirds, need more time in them in order to get it right). You use energy and you get quick kills in high speed passes. /Wilbuz
  8. Thanks guys for the replies! No fix yet despite removing the config files so we're gonna try some other modules to see if he has problems there as well. He's using an X-56 for his throttle so it could be something there though it doesn't explain the fuel hatch opening as there is nothing like that bound to either stick or throttle. The power supply is a good suggestion though he is already running a 1000w and the problems just started a couple of weeks ago with no changes made to any hardware. The setup he's running now has been unchanged from several months back. Hopefully we'll find a solution :) Thanks again.
  9. Hey all! A friend of mines has some real problems when flying. Open beta, latest version but we are uncertain to when the problems really started. We are mainly flying the Viper, different types of missions, everything from custom made to downloaded. His plane randomly starts popping chaff and flare, or suddenly it opens the fuel door, or changes some other modes. His TMS UP also stopped working on the stick, left, right and down worked fine. Our first idea around all this was input issues. He's got a Virpil WarBRB since a couple of months back coupled with the Virpil Delta. It has worked flawlessly from the start so we checked it in the software and everything works, including the hat for TMS up and there are no random inputs. The next thing we did was to make sure he's running all his devices from a USB port in the computer rather from the powered USB hub he had them connected to at first but this made no difference, he's still randomly popping flares a little now and then. It's not constant, we can fly an entire mission and then suddenly it just pops countermeasures from the selected program. So he uninstalled DCS and removed all config files he could find and then reinstalled it. No difference, same issue though he did get his TMS up to work. Weird thing is the config had been kept and saved so we're quite sure he missed a config somewhere, any ideas where to look? Also, any ideas where else to look if removing all things that have to do with configs doesn't work? We're also tried a repair but no difference. It started a few weeks ago but we're uncertain to exactly when and with what version. Any help appreciated :) /Wilbuz
  10. For what it's worth, the module is awesome but I mostly fly the Viper now, I know any development on the F18 now can be added to the Viper quicker and later so no issue there, both modules are superb. As far as ANY module goes, I'd rather see the easier and important things added and corrected first. I know easy and important are very different things some times though. But like I said, I'd rather see the "normal" development time things moved up and added and fixed as early as possible, unless it's a function that very few/no one will use or notice. It's often nicer to have the core things working as far as possible before one adds more weapons or functions, specially in the F18 module that already has an abundance of awesome stores (not saying I don't want more, just saying that part can slow down and we still have a ton of stuff to play with). I'd rather see things fixed once and for all (as much as is possible with coding) for those things that need fixing. Get the module(s) up and running in their core to the fullest and then work on new weapons for example. This also goes for the two most important things (to me) which is an updated flight model that I hope is top priority (problem is it doesn't make you any money like a module does I guess) and a great damage model. Thanks for an awesome sim! /Wilbuz
  11. I was given this with: Gen:Variant.Ursu.776114 virus detected by BitDefender. It was in the F14 modules package and that module is now unflyable :-/ First time I ever see it though. I wonder why we're getting different alerts though.
  12. It might not be a bad idea actually :lol: Been there, done that, a brain dead game or something else brain dead often helps getting back and enjoying something else for what it is.
  13. I'm not sure what you are getting this from. Either you don't know how to optimize your PC or you are trying to run the game in some other kind of weird way. I built my PC in late 2014, Intel i5 4690k (not overclocking it), 16gb DDR3 memory and a Geforce 970. I'm recently upgraded to the 1080 thanks to a friend changing his to a 2080. I'm running the game at 1080p (I have a screen optimized for photo editing and those 4k screens with those panels are still crazy expensive). Other than 1080p, which is resolution enough, I am running almost everything at full settings except for MSAA and offline, in a busy environment the frame rates are close to 100. Online, in busy environments it can drop to around 45-50 (full server and large missions). This is still enough to play the game smoothly most of the time and it's quite rare. Now, my 2014 computer is even to be considered bellow average by todays standards and I have no issues running DCS, none at all. The game is made with the average computer in mind and certainly sub 6k without an issue. If you are talking pure VR on the highest settings that yes, you're gonna have a harder time but then again, there are few VR headsets optimized for it and the game hasn't caught up with VR either, but then again neither has any other games. If you compare the complexity of pure VR games with the large world, details and effects of DCS those games are nowhere near as demanding. Seriously though, if VR is the real issue for you saying that the game isn't made for an average PC, you need to look at the average gamer and consumer. The average guy/gal don't have VR either as the price alone for the headset is around what many people would spend on a computer alone, and that computer would be able to run DCS. I've had DCS for many years (I bought my first module, Black Shark, in October 2009) but only very recently I've gotten really in to the sim and spent time in it. I've spent more time in it the past two months then I have over the past 10 years before. While I can understand your feelings towards it, I've seen it many times before, in my self among others, specially with the online game called Aces High. To be honest, the problem lies more with you (or my self at the time) and less with the game/sim. It sounds to me you've had a game burn out. When I really started flying DCS a lot now I promised my self one thing, fly it/play it for what it is now, not for what you think it can become, or will be, or hope to be. If you FEEL a module is off, accept it unless you can show hard solid evidence of it being wrong. Chose the parts to appeal to you still, find a good squadron and friends to do real, tactical missions with. Wanna air quake for a while? Go ahead but don't do it expecting it to be realistic. The minute you get frustrated with a game is the minute you need to take a break. If your frustrations stem from mostly lack of high quality high FPS VR gaming, you need to take a step back and look at average people with average money to spend. VR is likely not a priority to bring people in the sim. One of the biggest reaons I've stayed away from VR is just that, I know the technology isn't there yet. It's not there to challenge 2d flying and those graphics. It's got other advantages for sure but not enough to weigh up for loosing that much resolution, details and viewing distance and I know I can't afford to upgrade the computer AND buy a very high end VR headset. /Wilbuz
  14. Same issue here. I believe I managed to save the track file while offline and HOTAS fumbling with something completely different after flying the Hornet and KA50 (my muscle memory was at the right place at the time). Fired Two Aim 9's at the exact same time with one press. It only happens in the Viper so not a control issue. Will see if I can get the file uploaded.
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