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  1. Yep, I love leap Motion but a pity still not enabled on 3rd party aircraft: Let's hope it will soon be upgraded and made it available even there....
  2. TomcatFly

    Pilot body in VR

    ...and look here how realistic (F/A-18C in this case) is the head shaking during catapult launch as well as when the carrier disengage at the end of the deck!! ...do anyone know if this is present in VR too?
  3. After last OB update, voice chat is back working perfectly!
  4. It is and it will be. The last details were still about the previous unofficial version (the free version), anyway not anymore supported since some time, as indicated by the team some time ago in this thread.
  5. Well, I have the feeling that indeed it crashed just after FLY button pressed, even if I could see the cockpit for a while. First time after install, I clearly remember that on the livery page there was not the 339 (strangely), but Mirage. Then I remember I closed DCS and on next opening, doing a mission with the 339 it got the liveries with no problems anymore. Anyway, as soon as hit the FLY button, it crashed again and same way. I then removed it since I really can't understand the reason. Anyway, if with the modified .lua (I added of course), it will not have IAS and other important indicator working, the 339 is nonsense for myself and in this case I will prefer to wait for the new official one arriving hopefully soon. My log is quite extensive sinc ein the past, if I remember weel, I set a pra somewhere to induce an extensive log that in case of probs could probably be more helpful. But I'm very keen on this, so I can't help it more about this. Thank you
  6. Ok thank you so much! Let me know if you discover the reason or have any suggestion!
  7. Yes, with the .lua , DCS starts normally (without the lua it does not even start, as indicated before in the thread). I can sea the 339 in the mission editor, chose the liveries and the rest. But, as soon as I go flying, 1s after the cockpit appears, DCS crashes. Can't understand what could it be, since I read that it should be fine with the .lua in the 339 weapons folder... About the log, I can normally open it with Notepad and a Pc...don't know with a mobile, maybe you need to rename it with .txt extention to open it with your mobile??
  8. Laste updated OB here, installed back again the 339-A, I put the .lua in Weapons folder but as soon as on board, DCS crashes... Log file attached Any other? Thanks dcs.20220417-113149.log
  9. Hi, just tried with another friend, with whom I fly often and with whom since almost 1 year we were not able to use VC anymore, and now VC it's working great wihtout anyone of us changing anything in our PC's configs and so on! So, on our side, I'd say that last OB 30/03 update solved the VC issue and this is great!
  10. Hi, good news: just tried VC again, SRS installed and of course not connected to any server, and it just works great now!! After 1 year that I had it not working...nothing has changewd on my pc and network, only last DCS OB update it would seem... Tested in good old "normal" mode and aqlso in Integrated Modes that I really like and prefer for obvious reasons. Voice quality is fantastic too and it's super the possibility to play with mic input volume and master voluem directly by VC window. Tomorrow I'm gonna try it with another friend, in another place and of course with another network and let's see. Even with him, VC is not working anymore since quite long time, so we'll see... Which UDT/TCP port is now using VC? Just to check on my friend's router in case we'll have issues...is it 10308, same one used by MP servers or better to check is 5002, 5003 or other ports are open too? Thank you
  11. Of course VC is enabled on the server i do to fly with a friend. Any need to double check specific ports to be open on the router ?
  12. Exaclty the same for me, used without probs until months ago, then it stopped, router ports checked and fin, VC configured perfectly, integrate mic test working, tried with cockpit COM radio and old manner without clicking on the antenna symbol, even setting Mic always on : can't hear nor been heard. Instead, SRS working normally...
  13. Last weekend I checked all was correctly set, VC interface working, PTT correclty mapped (even tried with Mic always on), VC interface integrated microphone test working...then entered a server with VC enable, nothing. Thing I remember pretty well is that - when I used to use VC all the times (and it was working, so until more than 1 year ago) releasing the PTT made some little "static" noise come up too, nothing heard anymore after VC stopped working. Question1: do you thing that having SRS installed - even if with auto start not ticked - could have any influence on VC? In any case, for me VC stopped working even before I installed and tried SRS (that works fine instead). Questions2: could you confirm me back which ports need to checked and be Udp/Tcp open? Anyway, I will certainly check it again today/tomorrow and report you back. Thanks
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