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  1. Yes, this is an awesome feature. Imagine i.e. Iranian F-14A GR95 dogfighting having only rear aspect Sidewinders J/P being forced to outfly the enemy to fire the missile from the rear aspect. Having F-4 variants from different timeframe will be awesome as well. I only wish to have some even earlier hard wing typical 1960s Vietnam era F-4E.
  2. On Aviation Archives an official 850 pages F-15E Flight Manual from 1993 is publically available. I won't post it here due to the forum rules. With performance for both PW220 and PW229 engines and drag factor of all different weapons, sensors and even CFT to calculate drag index of any configuration and it's impact on performance.
  3. No, not Block 30, but Block 32. Block 30 had more power - higher T/W ratio - than Block 50. Block 30 already had big mouth/big motor GE 30,000 lbf engine, still being significantly lighter airframe, some 0,5 ton empty less than our Block 50. Block 30 had higher T/W, lower wing loading, better acceleration, climb, sustained and instantanous turns than Block 50. But less sophisticated avionics. Block 32 was a dog with smaller power, it was already ~8,5 ton airframe, but still retaining original 1970s PW100 24,000 lbf engine, designed for 7 ton airframe F-16A. Overall Block 42, Block 32 and Block 25 had smaller power - T/W, than Block 50. (Another thing is original 1990s pre-CCIP F-16C Block 50 was still slightly lighter airframe than our 2007 CCIP standard upgrade F-16C Block 50.)
  4. Full fidelity clickable analog A-10A would be great. For now it is only FC3 aircraft version, non clickable cockpit etc. A-10A in european green camouflage from 1970s-1980s, flying at very low altitute, dodging AAA, attacking Soviet tanks rolling through the Fulda Gap, evaiding Soviet interceptors having trouble finding maneuvering target against the ground - that would be my scenario to go with this bird. Or destroying Saddam's armored divisions during Desert Storm.
  5. It would be an ultimate map, perfect for most DCS modules.
  6. Well, if someone is really interested, there is a forum "F-16.net" with many real life experienced Viper pilots, you can ask them directly. A few quotes:
  7. Internal textures means inside the cockpit display?
  8. It works! I selected SteamVR in OpenComposite and reselect OXR to allow it to download the .dll files. DCS works and profile has been made. Thanks for help.
  9. Hi, i did everything according to the instruction. When i open Mixed Reality Portal, then open DCS - DCS does not connect with the headset. I still see only a MRP white room in my headset. DCS is opening full-screen on monitor. (Enable Virtual Realisty Headset in DCS settings is obviously ticked.) (SteamVR is uninstalled from PC) What i do wrong? Why DCS does not start in the headset? I use this new system-wide version you reccomend now, but looks like DCS simply do not use it, in configure window there is no DCS after first launch - OpenComposite did not pick up DCS profile. Do i need to copy this 3 files manually instead like in old version? cheers
  10. Which F-16. Early lightweight F-16A? This was not a rumor, this was really a king of dogfighting of it's era. But late heavyweight F-16C? It was surpassed my more modern F-22, Eurofighter, possibly Rafale, still very capable in close combat though.
  11. I would risk to state current F-15C PFM is closer to the real aircraft than F-16C Block 50 was at initial release. At least such opinions expressed real life pilots, criticising initial F-16C FM and praising F-15C FM.
  12. Nick Grey said in some interview how many copies of A-10C they sell every month, 10 years after the release - it was very considerable amount of copies, i was really surpirsed. Our best bet at this moment could be RAZBAM to make fighter variant some time after the ground pounder. Their Mirage 2000 has the most advanced digital radar simulation in the sim.
  13. I would love to see full fidelity fighter variant F-15A or C as well. It was "The Fighter" from 1975 up to 2005 when Raptor and Eurofighter entered service replacing it at the top of the food chain. It was the last fighter that fought in real full scale air wars achieving more than 100 air kills. And it could be modeled in a very realsitic way as we know how it's weapons, systems, airframe performed in real life air combat against many different opponents.
  14. I prefew Su-25A over the T as well. Su-25A require more skill and it was a real aircraft doing real warfare.
  15. I have to admit the whole British "V" serie bombers look absolutely awesome.
  16. Animations looks very natural, great job.
  17. So it looks exactly how i expect mid 2000s FLIR looked like 15 years ago.
  18. When it comes to speed it's more complicated. Su-17, Su-17M, Su-17M2, Su-17M3 were as fast as MiG-21, Mach 2 class aircrafts. Since they were planned to be used as interceptors in some extraordinary conditions, as secondary function - USSR loved multifunctional equipement even if it was barely possible in practice. Only the last Su-17M4 variant produced since 1980 received new unregulated air intake limiting it's speed to Mach 1,75 since it was more than enough for low/medium altitude air to ground operations and it made the aircraft less complicated.
  19. Well, paradox is 1960s fighters had limited maneuverability, but close air combat was in practice the only way to achieve the kill. Not neceserly maneuvering, Erich Hartmann in his interview stated vast majority of his victims didn't know they are being attacked until it was too late. Fast Starfighter with small wings could be a perfect fighter for such scenario. In 2000s every single fighter jet is wery maneuverable yet due to missiles, sensors and avionics advances, maneuver air combat became close to impossible except for some very rare accidents, and even when it would happen it's considered a failure of tactical engagement. For me it always looked like 1970s/1980s up to Desert Storm was "the Golden mean" when very maneuverable 4th generation fighters were already in service and close dogfighting was still very important and realistic part of air combat.
  20. I'm not sure A-10A cockpit was even compatible with NVG. I've heard an interview with A-10A pilot flying it during Desert Storm - they were flying at night, at very low altitude, they didn't heve NVG. Balls of steel and great skill.
  21. I've heard Bruce Gordon talked about AIM-4 Falcon missile, he stated the missile had very positive opinion in air defense squadrons for reliability and high performance, but poor opinion in tactical squadrons. An explanation was Falcon had very limited amount of coolant so it last for limited time allowing IR sensor to see the target - you had to know where you are going to use it, it was not a problem during bomber or recon aircraft interception, but it was a big problem during maneuver air combat against tactical fighters.
  22. Matt Wagner announced they want to implement native support for WMR when he tested HP Reverb for the first time, more than two years ago, but it looks like they met some technical difficulties or limited resources. Native support for WMR would be fantastic for sure since HP Reverb is arguably the best among affordable VR sets right now, very popular, according to community polls, as well.
  23. I like Apache fixed undercarriage, you can bang the ground when NOE without consequences. I like how fixed undercarriage looks, Apache or Mi-28, like a heavy duty machine. Both Apache and Ka-50 are lot of fun. Sometimes I'm wondering Ka-50 FM, which was created many years ago, may be a bit too optimistic when it comes to stability in autopilot modes, even considering double rotor configuration, but who knows.
  24. After i start the helicopter i have cursor on my left MPD, i can switch to the right, but how to use this cursor controller to actually move TADS sight to find the target instead of just moving the cursor through MPDs?
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