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  1. I did a little bit more testing with the Tomcat TACAN this morning. On one of my older missions I see some weird behavior. There's a CVN-72 (72X) and a nearby S-3 (1Y).There's also a few other things in the miz, but nothing with competing TACANs. On entry into the cockpit via parking/hot it auto selects the TACAN to 1Y A/A, but I get a sour signal. I only get a sweet TACAN on 1X T/R mode which doesn't make a lot of sense. I created a brand new miz with only the CVN-72 and S-3, both same TACAN settings as the old miz. On the new miz the 1Y A/A settings works perfectly and gives me bearing and range to the S-3, as does the 72X T/R for the boat. Very weird. The only difference between the two miz files aside from less stuff, is on the older miz I set the CVN TACAN via trigger rules and on the new miz I set the TACAN via the regular advanced waypoint actions method. So I wonder if there is a conflict with that, or maybe missions created on a much older version of the OB have TACAN problems. It's a mystery.
  2. No, I believe it's a feature/realistic. But I think it's F-18 only.
  3. Oh wait, I'm dumb. I forgot to respect this TACAN chart when i was testing the Hornet. That's probably why I wasn't getting anything with A/A set. Interesting how regulsr T/R gave me perfect range and bearing to 1, 2, and 3 Y.
  4. It doesn't work that way in the mission editor. When creating a tanker you assign it a TACAN value that the clients are supposed to use. Just like the various ground TACAN stations around the map.
  5. Really? Very weird. I just made a miz to test it. I made a client slot for a F-14B and an F-18. I made three tankers, an S-3 (3Y), a 130 (2Y), and a 135MPRS (1Y). In the F-18 I don't get TACAN information on any of them if I have the : next to A/A. I only get sweet TACAN if I remove the :. In the Tomcat I'm getting a sweet TACAN on both A/A and T/R, so that's inconsistent with what my understanding of the current TACAN modelling is. (My fault for replying to things before properly testing myself). All I know is some of the guys in my wing have reported broken tanker TACANs in some of our F-14 training miz files, and they were able to fix it by switching to T/R. But yeah...both of the modes seem to work on my end.
  6. Currently in DCS Open Beta you have to use T/R for tankers. A/A only works for fighter to fighter. Not sure if this is a bug or feature. Edit: OH wait you're using Jester to do it? Hmm I dunno then. Maybe he didn't get the memo to use T/R mode. I haven't tested it via Jester yet.
  7. I was pretty excited about the video too, but then I read the video description: "PTID (air-to-air tactical display) with TCS video recorded together. This did not appear in the cockpit this way, but with the switches set a certain way, if you selected TCS in the cockpit, the TCS would record over the PTID." So it didn't display that way on the PTID, it was just an optional way to record the sensor data for debriefs.
  8. I would like a way to have Jester default to the center on aircraft option under Navigation Grid. Having to ask him to do it every time I go from aircraft stabilized to navgrid is annoying. Maybe an indefinite option too so he keeps re-centering every few seconds. I don't need to be asked to do these things when I play as a human RIO.
  9. I reported this on the HB forum, but I will report it here too in case it's an ED issue. TLDR, GBUs deployed from the Tomcat in CMPTR TGT mode with a JTAC lasing the target are less accurate than the same weapon deployed from the Hornet via its analogous mode. Sometimes it's even possible for one bomb to hit and the other to miss when dropped in a pair. How is this possible?
  10. Yep, I had wake turbulence unchecked.
  11. <--- Exposed. Good catch, I had wake turbulence unchecked, that's why it felt normal to me.
  12. I just got my first trap in after the patch, CVN-72 on the Marianas. It didn't feel that different to me.
  13. I wonder if somehow the burble effect got rolled back to the original version which was quite strong? It wouldn't be the first time Tomcat updates reverted something. Like the stenciling around the AWG-9 cool switch.
  14. Hmmmm.... Did some testing on the same miz with all wind disabled and the GBUs set to a code different from the JTAC to see what would happen if I deployed them unguided, to see if there is a significant difference to what DME they are deployed from and where the bombs from an F-14 land in relation to an F-18. F-14 GBU-24 un-lased drop from angels 15, 340 IAS, bombs only went 650ft long. (Actually more accurate than my JTAC-lased testing I did on the weekend.) DME of the drop was 4.3 NM. F-18 GBU-24 un-lased drop from angels 15, 340 IAS, bombs imact the ground about 2400 feet short of target. DME of the drop was 4.68 NM. So yes, the Tomcat seems to release it's bombs via CMPTR TGT a little bit later than the Hornet does via it's analogous mode, but it's not by much and if anything the Tomcat is more accurate than the Hornet. I'm super-stumped. I have no idea why my JTAC-lased bombs are so inconsistent in the Tomcat compared to the Hornet, and/or how a pair of bombs dropped at the same time could ever result in one following the laser and the other ignoring it.
  15. Some images from TACVIEW... GBU-24 Drop: 16.8 ASL, 344 IAS, weapon release at ~4.60 DME GBU-16 Drop: 17.6 ASL, 340 IAS, weapon release at ~4.66 DME GBU-24 from F-18: 16.1 ASL, 374 IAS, weapon release at 5.36 DME Is CMPTR TGT + GBU 16/24 releasing too late in the Tomcat and causing guidance issues as a result?
  16. Hey guys, Has anyone noticed inconsistency with GBUs lately? I'm trying to deploy GBU 24s and 16s on a stationary target marked and lased by an AI JTAC, and I'm seeing some inconsistent results. See below video. I broke the timeline into three chapters for convenience. Chapter 1- A pair of GBU-24s dropped from the F-14. Both bombs sail wide of the lased target. Chapter 2- A pair of GBU-16s dropped from the F-14. One bomb tracks the laser and one sails wide. This is the most confusing chapter for me. How is it even possible for one bomb to see the laser and for one to miss when they were dropped as a pair? It makes no sense to me. Anyone have an explanation for that? Chapter 3- A pair of GBU-24s dropped from the F/A-18. Both bombs track the laser and shack the target as expected. Notes: -My GBU-24s don't always miss. Sometimes they both track the laser as intended, but it's rare. I ran a few dozen trials this weekend and I would say on average 6/7 trial runs missed their target. -Also, the one hit one miss behavior of the GBU-16s in the video is not exclusive to the 16s. Sometimes my GBU-24s have split results also. -Last note, my GBU drops from the F/A-18 hit every time 100% accuracy in my trials, so I don't believe it's a blanket GBU issue. It feels Tomcat specific to me. I've attached the miz in case anyone wants to give it a try and shoot me some feedback. F-14B GBU CMPTR TGT JTAC TEST.miz
  17. But then we have to look at that keyboard or input device. There's no reason why the Jester wheel shouldn't orient to your view at the moment of activation. If I'm tally on a small group of moving vehicles I don't want to have to break my tally to ask Jester to do something.
  18. I saw the newsletter too. Did it say these changes were coming in the next OB? Maybe I missed that.
  19. I think he means before the scan volume auto centers onto the centroid of all the contacts in front of it.
  20. Here's another video: It appears that if there's even one rocket remaining in one of the pods on a hardpoint the emergency jettison and selective jettison via Jester works OK. Any hardpoints carrying a pod(s) that are completely empty can't be jettisoned with emergency jett or Jester selective jett. You have to jump into the back seat to do it yourself as demonstrated in the first post of this thread.
  21. I noticed recently that I am unable to jettison empty Zuni pods. Jettisoning full Zuni pods works fine both with the emergency jettison button and selective jettison via Jester. However if the pods are empty both the emergency jettison button and selective jettison via Jester fail to drop the pods. If you jump into the back seat you can jettison the pods yourself if you toggle the MER TER / WPNS switch. You can also see that Jester tried to use the SEL JETT switch as it's stuck in the up/JETT position. Affects both the A and B. Video attached: PS. Anyone happen to know how to fix a USB "Device Descriptor Request Failed" error in the Device Manager? I've tried every fix I can find online and my USBs keep connecting/re-connecting! It's driving me crazy.
  22. It looks more than slightly increased to me. That might bug me even more than the stock reverse angle. Are there any videos available to show the left and right throttles being moved past each other?
  23. It's a tough thing to model properly. The human brain is pretty amazing. We do some complex things without even realizing we're doing them. For example when I'm RIOing for someone and I see a bandit closing from our 10 o'clock and I can tell by its motion that it will pass by our 9 and to our 8 quickly, I can anticipate my verbiage without even giving it much thought. I know that by the time I finish my sentence and by the time my driver processes my call out the bandit will be passing by our 9. So instead of calling "bandit 10 o clock" I call "bandit 9 o clock" so that my driver has time to look to our 9 in time for the bandit to be there. My goal is to have my driver looking in that spot before the bandit even gets there so it passes right in front of his face. Its something most of us don't think about, it just comes naturally, but its gotta be difficult to program into a videogame AI. Unfortunately Jester seems limited to calling out exactly what he sees, and there's probably a lag between what he sees and queuing the audio file, and then another delay for Jester to complete his sentence, and another delay for you to process what he just told you, and another to turn your head. By then the bandit might be on the opposite side of you. I try to think of Jester's calls as if they were coming from 2 or 3 seconds in the past.
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