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  1. I have same issue here with Poodle AoA I will try the mission 8 again with Your fix. Thanks! Btw Operation Cerberus North is really amazing campaign. So immersive and real with VR! Thank You Ground Pounder Sims / ChillNG!
  2. Agree! I have lost 7 FPS (with VR) in my "test bench" (Mission Qualification - Super Cold start). Before it was 43 FPS and now 36 FPS 1 min 40 s from beginning. The worstest frametimes are both 24 - 27 ms.
  3. Hello everybody! I have used JetPad nearly 1½ year. It is a amazing device! I can't fly (DCS, MSFS) without it. With JetPad sim flying experience is really immersive! I do recommend it everyone flight sim enthusiast! I did these two gaps to the seat (attached image) for even more comfortable flying Thank You =Andre= !! ^juimo
  4. +1 Same here. Latest received July 9 th
  5. Thank You! DX11 mode On is the key to smoothness and better FPS with my new RX 6800 XT & Reverb G2. DX11 off was slideshow particularly over the Syria map cities. My Settings: SteamVR SS 60%, PD 1.0 DCS Options: High, High, Low, Medium, Ultra, Low, Low, ... MSAA 2x, Off, None, Off, Standard, Off, Off, Off
  6. Before the last SimAppPro update I comment out those two lines in the Export.lua. Significat FPS boost!! 27 - 36 % better!
  7. With two first dogfight missions (before DCS Open Beta) issue was exactly same than in the attached video. (Weapons Qualification Mission - Air to Air Gun and AIM-9 Sidewinder - Caucasus) With the next dogfight missions there was no that kind of problem. (flown after DCS Open Beta) :thumbup: https://youtu.be/81WAC4lbPnc (Flown after DCS Open Beta update)
  8. The Hornet’s A-A gun reticle is not accurate in the F/A-18C Aggressors BFM Campaign. The rounds go over the reticle!
  9. Thanks LeCuvier for the clarification! Your code in post #3 works vice versa at at Winwing F/A-18 H.O.T.A.S Fuel Dump switch. Now I realized change value_down = -1.0, value_up = 1.0, and use combo command. Thats way it works fine :yes:
  10. Thank You LeCuvier for your advice! :thumbup: This DUMP switch didn't work properly at Winwing F/A-18 H.O.T.A.S But with this code you can get it works fine: {down = fuel_commands.DumpSw, cockpit_device_id = devices.FUEL_INTERFACE, value_down = 1.0, name = _('Fuel Dump Switch - ON'), category = {_('Left Console'), _('Fuel Control Panel')}}, {down = fuel_commands.DumpSw, cockpit_device_id = devices.FUEL_INTERFACE, value_down = -1.0, name = _('Fuel Dump Switch - OFF'), category = {_('Left Console'), _('Fuel Control Panel')}}, According to LeCuvier's post: (https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4171525&postcount=11) "You need to insert it into the file "default.lua" under "...\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Input\FA-18C\joystick". I recommend you insert it below line 7 which reads "join(res.keyCommands,{". Use Notepad++ to edit the file. If you don't use OvGME, make a backup copy of the modified file because updates overwrite modified files."
  11. Same issue here with HP Reverb. Drops ~ 20 - 25 FPS at Batumi airport and at other airports as well. :mad:
  12. It would be cool if after "8. Throttle - OFF When amber FLAPS light illuminates -:clap_2: 9. BATT switch - Off" Amazing sim with VR!! Thank You Eagle Dynamics! :thumbup:
  13. Thank You Panther! You are right. It works correctly now. SPD BRK action doesn't pain me any more :clap: https://www.quora.com/What-do-all-of-the-controls-in-an-F16-fighter-jets-cockpit-do# "The speed brake switch is also three-position. The middle position does not move the speed brakes. Switch forward closes the speed brakes, and aft opens them. The aft position is momentary only and must be held in."
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