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  1. I hope it will be migrated to SuperCarrier!!!! Greetings
  2. Y cual es el sentido de publicarlo en el foro en español si no esta traducido o subtitulado????...!!!!, de todos modos gracias.
  3. Hola KRYZENTAL para migrar tus compras de Steam a DCS OpenBeta o Standalone de DCS acá Tenes como https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/500/ vas a poder tener todos tus DLC de Steam en DCS OpenBeta y además podes usar los Free to Play. Por los Impuestos que se pagan por compras en el exterior, acá Tenes una extensión que se agrega a Google Chrome, se llama Steamcito, te calcula cuanto vas a pagar en Pesos en realidad https://steamcito.com.ar/ solo funciona en la pagina Web de Steam, no funciona en la aplicación de Steam, las compras realizadas en la pagina oficial de DCS y Steam es prácticamente lo mismo podes ahorrar unos centavos de dólares nada mas. Saludos.
  4. Hola gamusino69: Aquí tienes como hacerlo https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/500/ y por las dudas aca la traduccion Saludos
  5. Sorry for my bad English ... my English Literature Teacher I corrected the post but could not correct the title
  6. Oh !!! come on Northstar98 let me be happy for at least 5 minutes
  7. I am happy, they moved the post to the wish list, therefore I know that they will work on that.
  8. One question, is the fragmentation simulated? I ask because in a mission I launched two rockets at a moving military transport truck without armor, I did not exactly hit the truck, but both rockets hit very close to it, less than a couple meters and not even the wheels were deflated. I tried in a mission created by me to do the same, trying not to hit exactly the target but very close to the objective with 6 and 8 rockets and the same thing happened. Greetings
  9. deal with Saitek_X52Pro_Flight_Controller_7_0_53_6_x64_Drivers
  10. We customize our planes and helmets, but there are 24 of us online and 16 fly the F-14, too many skins and the problem This skin is from "reflected"... to whom we thank link https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313466/ The pilot and helmet is from "flying_isoko" whom we also thank link https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3307339/
  11. Hello, I have some questions: 1) Is it possible to change the tail number like F-18 ?, that would be great!!... In multiplayer we all have the same skin with the same tail number. 2) It would be possible to add the data from the logbook "callsign and player name" in cockpit? that would be more than great 3) Skins for the F-14B also work for the F-14A? Anticipating: If the answer to question 1 is: NO... they should work on that If the answer to question 2 is: NO... Well ... ask costs nothing If the answer to question 2 is: YES... That is very good And finally Thanks for creating one of the best DCS module... I'm a fan of the F-14 Best Regards
  12. Solo puedo decir que en la próxima actualización de DCS habrá novedades.
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