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  1. Hello dear pilots: During Chinese spring festival vacation, we were unable to arrange production for a period of time. The good news is that we and our suppliers are back in full energy now! We started production in mid-February, and we expect to have a steady supply of devices by the end of March. Another good news! In order to improve the experience of online purchase and the unnecessary energy loss in considering "Is the products I care about available now?" we launch pre-order system online now! If you're interested in purchasing a product which is temporarily out of stock, you can join our shipping sequence without any payment by placing a pre-order, then select Pre-order from the payment page to pay! When the device is back in store, you don't need to keep an eye on the website for not missing the opportunity to purchase it, the confirmation email will be sent to your email address according to the order sequence, which is very fair. You just need to complete the payment within 48 hours (or your pre order will turn into invalid), then your device will still be ordered in accordance with the original order sequence, instead of waiting from the time of finishing payment! We hope it can bring you convenience and pleasure in the process of purchasing. Thanks again for your patience and understanding! WINWING STORE: https://www.wwsimstore.com
  2. I should post this in WINWING thread according to the rule, but this is special, not only about WINWING.
  3. Any Grip use the same data link to base like TM grip could be combo.
  4. TM WARTHOG grip adapter is ready, will begin sell 10th,July/9.9USD. Although the grip is very heavy, our Super Libra is a heavy load base which give you best performance!! Guess: How much discount you can get for the seperate Super Libra joystick base?
  5. Too much shake in transport!!! We will upgrade about this problem. Now ,just release a little of the two biggest screw in your picture! the USB port will back to center, then screw it. Thanks a lot and sorry for trouble.
  6. Hi, Did you try call fedex what happen? as it's in US area, fedex US should know more about it.
  7. Hi, could you please send mail to info@winwing.cn, we need to do a remote for you to see what happen, as we test it ok in our side. Thanks.
  8. Hello, as we have deliver lot worldwide, and you can hear voice from user, we can learn something from it.
  9. Panel are very easy than throttle and joystick ,it has no motion part, Middle of next month there should be full sample, and quantity produce very soon. How much do you think each should sell?
  10. Yes of course, it's an independent device, you can mount on desk with out the throttle, hold it on the top of desk.
  11. Dear guy, I don't know how you find this post out:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: But we have ourself's channel in to top of Input and Output forums. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=270544 Lot of pilot have use our products, please find us in FB. Thanks.
  12. New HOTAS/JOYSTICK list update, everyone can order separately now!
  13. streakeagle : Thank you very much for your support! Better thing will be ever better , so try it please and you will know which is better
  14. I think you need VJOY to do a program for this function.
  15. Hi, Are the problem still there or figure out? Thanks.

    TGP Zoom

    Hi, Please try our last SIMAPP PRO, there is a new function ,you can switch the Z AXIS to a 3-way button, which mean you can binding as keyboard. Thanks.
  17. Please use our VJOY software intergraded in SIMAPP PRO. It have "delay trigger" function, you can set the switch off after X seconds.
  18. Hello all, Do you mean the switch itself? or the switch cover?
  19. Should WINWING sell HOTAS seperately??? Let me know the results. we hope joystick and throttle could sell almost the same if sell seperately. *************************************** May,11 update: New price list for refrence. *************************************** Thanks for your all.
  20. IDLE is recognize as a button, 1&2 if I'm not wrong.
  21. Hello Memoric, If it's no problem without the z axis, it must some problem with this z axis, please check if cable inside it broken, most possible problem here. if still not find reason, please send mail to info@winwing.cn Best. WINWING Team
  22. thanks for all your support and trust, but we have lot of project now , maybe later.
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