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  1. check here they have f-35, older mod but only one available for now
  2. Wow hopefuly they will let us have this mod fully working, what i dont get is that, if you buy f18 16 jf or mi24 they give access to lua files in core mods, but if you have ka50 hip, uh1 or any of fc3 modules we are not allowed to see their lua, makes 0 sense, i miss flying tiger instead of ka 50
  3. thanks for the Island class its perfect, both Georgia and Ukraine use them and fits perfectly with Caucasus map )) i remember you had AW 101 mod with torpedoes, and file is deleted, is it available anywhere to download? thanks HI, its not really a mod its free file from sketchfab with free license, i just exported it to EDM (massive size might heavily impact fps don't know), just an eye candy no damage model no collision model, no animation or lights, Caucasus map black sea is really empty and wanted to fill it with something different
  4. Having so much fun, thanks for your hard work, you literally keep DCS Navy section active )) is there any plan for island class boat?
  5. it seems it's conflicted with Su-57 in my case try to remove it and check again it should work
  6. You can try here i think they are active on https://www.lockonforum.de/ By the way your movies are amazing keep up the good work
  7. First of all thank you and thank you amazing mods :)) looks even better than ED model, just one question, as i remember Markindel had mods for Visby and Hamina corvettes, is there any possibility and plan to bring smaller corvettes and missile boats back )) also same question regarding new russian frigates
  8. DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\tech\TechWeaponPack\Database\vehicles\Tanks for Lua, make sure to make back-up before editing anything, (IC will fail) No you can't combine models, but you can try to place static objects on top of the tank in mission editor and link them on unit, will give only visual if it works, (works on ships)
  9. for me Both have an issue, cannon animation of arg 0 is same for -1 and 1 and only turns on right side, boat either doesn't engage or completely misses )) by the way amazing work, i love your mods, can't wait to see more
  10. thanks )) i found a work around for views from tweaking the meinit_init from cockpit folder :D (for cockpit position) was a real headache
  11. Well i "hope" they will fix it on june 3rd, and that its all a big misunderstanding :/ But Views.lua on Hornet and Viper has been disabled for few months already and was disabling plane selection and now Coremodes Lua's, (TF-51.Lua was disabled from the start) are doing the same, what's next, all mods? at the end we might only get E D approved liveries,
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