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  1. Thanks Frazer! I also checked out your soundpack for Lo - it`s very nice. I don't have Lo installed atm, but i think i remember the radius param working correctly in Lo, i.e. beyond ~ 1000m ?
  2. Hmm, my first PC simulation back then was Falcon 3.0 by Spectrum Holobyte - i even bought it before my 486 SX25 :D
  3. Welcome! Even though the release version of BS does not support multicore, there's a tool available to assign more than 1 core to BS, might want to check that out http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=40037 Alternatively you can Alt+Tab out of the game, press Strg+Alt+Del, right-click on DCS.exe and assign the cores manually. Though this method needs to be repeated for every mission started.
  4. Marek Spanel : "Also, what is quite unusual is that some things happen completely differently every time I try a mission. I think the bugs do not kill the open nature of the game and that sheer scope, amount of content or beautiful country of Chernarus will more than compensate for these issues." Plain english - Even if the game is broken, you still have some nice graphics to look at. (Provided you have a state of the Art computer) Sad to say this, but they lost even more fans than they did with the release of Arma. Back then it was already too little, too late, too sloppy. If it wasn't for the community, and mods like ACE, Arma would have dissapeared from our radars rather quickly.
  5. Yepp, 1.08. Haven't checked out the latest build yet. @ -=fox=-, guess that would be a wise thing to do. Regardless, here's some quick first impressions from a german long-time ofp/arma fan. The good: The sound is good, as is the athmosphere - not only because of the variety of equipment, weapons and vehicles. Hookers and animal life do their part to make the player feel comfortable. :D Game mechanics: The new head-bopping is fun, but should be set to minimum. Motion blur while turning is ok, but appears somewhat overdone. Controls are more direct compared to ArmA. Can't tell much about the performance yet, but Arma 2 seems to be heavy on the system. The bad: Trees flickering Precaching of high res textures doesn't work properly - either there's a noticeable delay, or high res textures won't load at all. Stuttering dependend on selected mission quite noticeable, not unlike Arma. Towns are all small. Initial conclusion: Arma2 is better than Arma. It's more like OFP, with the old feel. Sadly, many bugs that are known since Arma, also plague Arma2. Some user made videos:
  6. Don't know, some people already bought it over here. Seems to be a mixed bag so far - not really the improvement many had hoped for. Since i already have Arma, think i´m going to pass on this one.
  7. Guess it's just to familiarize them with the sights and sounds of a tank close up, trying to take some of the fear that is involved. Tanks were destroyed that way in WW2, and probably very recently. Not only the Wehrmacht did a training film showing how the common infantry soldier can disable enemy tanks that had broken through the lines, using dedicated or makeshift AT weapons. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-g5sg4IrwY
  8. Just had a look at the config. Appears damage can be adjusted in the warheads.lua file. Every warhead/bomb has a explosive mass value with modifiers against different objects. As already been stated, fragmentation as such appears to be non present, however, for this purpose a value is added to the explosive mass. I.e. the S-8 entry gives a value of 2.0 (kg) for explosive mass - 0.855 kg actual filler + 1.15 kg "frag power". A typical entry looks like this: warheads["KAB_500Kr"] = { expl_mass = 300.0, other_factors = { 0.2, 1.0, 1.0 }, concrete_factors = { 1.0, 1.0, 10.0 }, concrete_obj_factor = 5.0, obj_factors = { 0.2, 1.0, 1.0 }, cumulative_factor= 5.0, }; In this case, if i understood correctly, for computing the damage output if detonating on the ground, calculation would go something like: Ex.Mass. (300) x other_factors (0.2) = 60 Guess that's a point of impact, or max value, delivered to the exact location the impact occured? That's not all there is to it, as it gives no clue about the kill/damage radii, and probability of damage/kills occuring within.
  9. When talking about WW2 and mass production, the first country most people would think of is the US. While russian Workmanship may look shoddy at times, and they certainly bled out financially during the cold war - i wouldn't underestimate their capabilities in the R&D sector however. They always had some surprises up their sleeve, be it the introduction of the T-34 during WW2, the IRST/HMS combo on the MIG-29 or the Shkval torpedo.
  10. Cooledit (now Adobe Audition) has some quite useful features, as i found especially for making rotor samples. If there's a request, i can write up a tutorial how to. http://de.brothersoft.com/Cool-Edit-Pro-126679.html If you need raw audio material; youtube; vimeo etc. are some sources to start with.
  11. :) The good thing about soundmods is that you can simply mix&match as you personally see fit. I took another approach towards rotor sounds, this time without noticeable doppler shift or other unwanted background noise, as present on most videos. Current rotor sounds are synthetic, based on RL data. For example; the main rotor hub of the MI-26 spins at 112 r.p.m, or 1.87 Hz. It has 8 blades, thus a blade passing frequency of 14.93 Hz. Using a gapper/snipper or similar plugin and some EQ with FFT diagrams, if available, can produce quite realistic Rotor sounds. The new warning sound is the Master Caution Warning Signal for aircrew stations as defined in Mil-Std 411F, a frequency sweep from 700Hz to 1700Hz in 0.85sec, interrupted by 0.12 sec. If you don't like, simply exchange with the original.
  12. There have been some changes to the original release, especially to the rotor sounds. These now have a more distinctive and isolated "blade slapping", that correlates quite close with RL Rotor Rpm/number of blades.
  13. Updated. LoFi and HiFi now packages available. See first post for DL Link.
  14. Good news Looking forward to replaying the whole campaign with the new version. :)
  15. Guess ED knows about blast/frag radii issues, not only concerning unguided rockets. Although the ingame S8 variant being the KOM (HEAT) for use against armored vehicles, it should still have a fragmentation effect. Not as much as the M151 HEDP, but still, a near miss on soft skinned vehicles or troops should do. Especially against the latter, since they have no real cover.
  16. If only more people would get into making modified or new content for BS. I´m aware that this is no FSX, OFP or ARMA, which all get showered with new content every day, still, it's somewhat quiet in this section of the forum.
  17. My take is that simulations in general are, always were, the red headed stepchild of the gaming industry, a niche market that caters to the few - though there are exceptions to this; FS, IL-2, SH series. On another note, here in germany Steel Beasts Pro Pe sells for 120 Eur (~165 USD), still, people are buying it. Image HAWX with a pricetag like this ...
  18. No performance if utilizing the second core, no stability issues either. Only Problem is sound. It´s dropping out on occasion, or sounds distorted (Chorus effect) if several sound emiiters are playing at the same time. Vista SP2 Beta 550W PSU E6750 @ stock P35 DS3 Rev. 2.0 F13 2048 mb DDR 800 CL4 R4850 / Cat. 9.4 X-Fi Music / latest Drivers X-52
  19. Yepp, appears the radius param is not working beyond 1000m. Could be hardcoded, or specified somewhere else. I remember zzzspace's soundmod for LO, having a config for 10.000/25.000 radii to choose from. In BS, sound seems to cut out at 1000m regardless the settings in the .cfg.
  20. Not with BS .. however watching Arma 2`s new dynamic 1st Person view, gives me a somewhat dizzy feel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNV8UbzA9UM 0:23+ sec
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