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  1. Normal use of APU in other aircraft - You never stress it with double bleed to start engines. Extreme high APU EGT will occur. Start valve close to eng 1 - then start open valve to eng 2. Let the APU cool down a bit between starts is a good practice.
  2. Thanks. The target list does not show up. Is it short up to get the list?
  3. Setting up a small target practice in Mission Editor, with a cluster of Russian static units. I am able to fire . But George does not. Using the gun: I activate George and the icon right lower corner shows up. Using my POV switch (short/long) I am able to switch George response green/yellow and reporting slaved/unslaved status. - But flying over target area he does not fire. What do I miss? Thanks...
  4. Creating own mission cold start - I am not able to get RA numbers on right side. TGT readout is under TQ. (Not normal)
  5. Not really - A new center is physically created on stick. Trimming left roll and stop, you can see and feel that the stick is skewed to left in a new center.. This is impossible with most joysticks. Central trim works fine in most cases in DCS, such as cruise. But , example, transition from cruise to land, the constant pumping from a new aft trim to center, and then back to more aft trim does not feel right. Now I try to unlearn central trim, and get used to instant trim I like to see instant trim (as in fixed wing simulated aircraft) without the doubled deflection effect. Anyone knows the reason for double deflection trim effect?
  6. Central trim - you must remember to set joystick in center before next trim input. Not intuitive. Instant trim - the deflection is doubled when trim is activated. Need quick short activations. Going from hover to forward in one large stick push may end up in disaster. Again not intuitive. In both cases - finding a nice hover and then activate trim, aircraft is slightly off balance that need to be catch. I hated Instant trim in the beginning , but learned that this may be the best for now. I like to see an instant trim set freeze at new position. And a trim center reset button. After landing and want to takeoff again, you have to bring up the deflection info panel to reset neutral.
  7. If you find a solution- You are guarantied a job as a helicopter designer.
  8. Could be a trim problem. Not releasing stick to center after hitting trim UP - the position is frozen. With a steady new stick/ rudder input position wait a second then hit trim UP. Immediately release stick to center, to free stick/rudder movement
  9. Thanks!. A lot going on! First impression is extend vertical fin lower with tail rotor closer to center. But no doubt several other considerations this will give other effect. A compromise of design for hover and max speed. Now back to hover land training, I really sucks at this. It ends up with holding breath and white knuckles
  10. Flying on cruise - I have problem with perfect trim. Flying steady hands off, but the final touch is needed. Typical (no wind) Ball is 1/2 off left. Nav point OK - straight ahead. Steer cue slight right. DP (I call it Point of Impact) is even farther right of heading. How to manipulate roll and rudder at this situation for flying straight head to nav point with no crab angle? Thanks
  11. If I remember correct - KA- 50 (early 32bit) was easier to fly. A simpler and sloppier joystick did work OK. Maybe it is too much with axis tune, and HUD stuff today? What works for me at moment(will change) Axis tune - saturation Y = 75. Some slight curvature at 8. ( TM X52PRO). Trim force UP set to easy to reach button without wiggling joystick too much - I use a thumb switch on throttle. General use of trim: Wait a second until you have steady pressure on a new joystick position - then hit Trim force UP. Hitting trim while wiggling around makes things worse. Then IMPORTANT - release joystick to center pos!! You are now flying at new trim. Not release to center - joystick is locked..... My hover is really bad, but getting better. First hours I used axis deflection indicator up left. But now I realized I focus on it too much. My hover and flight is better without it. Concentrating on horizon point, and not on HUD symbol do also help at my stage in training. I found the weight on instant action menu flights are too high. I made a new mission with only fuel onboard. Do the hover training over 5 feet with tailwheel unlocked. Skidding sideways at lower altitude and wheels will catch ground with a flip result. When I am tired on hover training, I fly as a fixed wing with rolling takeoff and landing. Tailwheel locked on both. I can now hit the runway with POD symbol (Point of Death), and now more often POI (Point of Impact) with survival. But my last landings was very good at speed 30 - 40 knots touch down and a nice roll out with tail wheel locked. (I know it is not called HUD...... )
  12. After complete new install - I activated Nevada and Apache. Now she sits cold and dark on tarmac. Hope a couple hours with key binds - I can make her fly......
  13. OMFG... After DCS install, I could not find Apache..... Then I noticed I have installed standard 2.7 - not open beta that is more hidden........ Uninstalled 2.7 And will now give open beta a go.... 8 hours wasted in installing - another 8 hours to go. A good night sleep. If not working I will ask for Apache refund. There is a limit for frustration.....
  14. Now I have uninstalled/removed as much as I can. Got an uninstall warning : Unable to uninstall - Bin core. No access. (sigh....... that devil again.... Created a folder and put in it) Rest uninstall successfully. Renamed Username - DCS saved. Found a few 10 years old DCS folders in AppData , but they are empty. Hope all DCS traces are removed - start a clean install - fingers crossed.....
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