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  1. For what it's worth, I have small curves - 10 roll, 7 pitch, 15 rudder - as these give me personally the best results short of a stick extension. I do work the throttle consistently, but the -10 curve seems to have been the missing ingredient, and now the donut stays steady.
  2. I’ve been struggling around the boat with the F-14A for a while, but hIt on the apparent solution last night. -10 slider curves on the throttles. Moves the optimal range of throttle further back, leading to less accidental speedbrake closure, and less pitch oscillation of the nose as engines stay in narrower band. Far easier to stay on speed in Case 1, and refuelling is a doddle. F-14B is smoother as well.
  3. I'm having the same problem. The campaign is quite old now and I believe that some triggers are broken. I haven't tested this yet, but someone has done a campaign update here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308753/
  4. The (real life) friction adjuster axis alongside the throttles. Fast and precise.
  5. Never happened before. I wasn’t too worried about deleting files because I’d backed up the day before, and I think the repair gives you the option to save the files as a backup as well.
  6. Same thing happened to me. I had to run a repair, remove the “old” files when prompted, and then download the rest of the modules.
  7. Ditto. Worth remembering that this is ultimately an entertainment product, and I'm just grateful that we have the opportunity to play a sim realistic enough to tread carefully around classified stats. Cheers, ED and testers - don't know how you find the patience for the fans, sometimes :thumbup:
  8. Yep. I killed mine a couple of years ago vacuuming up the dust around my PC. Spent a couple of weeks without WH throttle before the new PCB showed up, but it's quite straightforward to put it in.
  9. I voted Yes because shawnyp420 voted no. Seriously, it's not a priority for me but would be nice when you only have an hour to play and normally have to give a long campaign mission a miss.
  10. Hi - any tips for getting it working in 2.5.2? I did a fresh install, no luck Working now!
  11. Is there an offline mode for 1.58 or only for 2.5?
  12. Sure, it sounds like people are having the best possible experience with the new CP. While we wait, are you able to assist with the question I asked about modules sold via Steam, please?
  13. Three days what? My understanding is that three days plus stops the game from woeking, bit does this apply to all Steam modules?
  14. If I buy a DCS module on Steam, does it stop working after 4 days offline, or will it be like the rest of my Steam library, where I can play offline indefinitely?
  15. I own the original Black Shark. Will I still be able to activste and use this after ED move to a new DRM for DCS world?
  16. Would ED consider a more limited use of software when offline for extended peroids? Rise of Flight allows for quick missions, for example..
  17. Based on the last day's additions, it appears as though my ability to play offline when I want is going to be kneecappped so ED can turn my desktop into a marketplace. I've noticed it was heading in thus direction since the modules were listed along the bottom of the opening screen, but didn't suspect they'd force this on me. Might as well play on a console.
  18. Curious about this too. A few years ago I was in a house with no onnection apart from my phone and wad offline for months on end. No issues with DCS.
  19. To be sure, is it an option to poll all users via the weekly update email? Please include "never" just to make certain the responses are reflective of the community's opinions..
  20. He's not being alarmist, that's exactly how I feel too.
  21. It's a suggestion for them to look at. Early days, I hope they will look at all options rather than shutting down responses of people who are trying be to be constructive rather than angry.
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