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  1. Minimal labels work for me- given that no graphics that we have available ATM can give you a fraction of what you'd perceive in RL, there seems no point to me in making it unfair on myself. I have it set to little brown or grey dots to popup within 5 km, not intrusive or terribly fake. In the end, game settings depend on what you enjoy in the game- I enjoy flying a 90 minute mission, don't enjoy flying the same 90 minute mission over and over because I never find one of the targets.
  2. After Select Ground Target, try: Uncage Shkval Lock Target Release Missile! Hit F6 to watch the mess. Have you tried Parabellums Quick start Mission and pdf guide? It got me up and shooting within 10 minutes, highly recommended: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2626185/STICKY_Tutorial_How_to_take_of.html#Post2626185
  3. Huckle


    Step away from my sim, sir.
  4. I'm using MSFFB2, but under XP, so I can get the Sidewinder central software working. If you're doing the same it might be an option to map the keystroke (shkval directions) ; ' . / to your hatswitch directions under software and see if that makes a difference. Alternatively, there's JoyToKey program: http://www.electracode.com/4/joy2key/JoyToKey%20English%20Version.htm It might be worth checking a few forums to see if it's a replaceable part on the MSFFB2, it's a great piece of hardware for this game. If you're cashed up, you could go TIR for views (picked up Version 4 for AUD200 recently) and something like the CH throttle, use a ministick on that to slew shvkal.
  5. It works for me. If you boot Win XP into Safe mode, the Sidewinder software can be accessed and programmed. If you're still having problems, PM me and I can setup a particular profile for you and put it up here.
  6. Are you also zooming in both on Shkval screen (with Num *), and have 23x zoom on Shkval itself? I use icons (yes, it's cheating, in the same way that not killing yourself after a shootdown is cheating) and you can make them pretty minimal- ie light brown dot that comes up once within 5km of bad people.
  7. Yes, Win 7 will be like Vista SE. Same package, more polish. I'm only going to bother upgrading from XP Pro when a game I want doesn't support it. Next PC upgrade won't be scheduled until SoW gets first patch.
  8. Good idea. I have a throttle axis that just opened up too.
  9. If you wish to move the default head position closer to the HUD, (not zoomed in, your head position is moved forward, away from the seatback) it's possible to edit one or more of the lua files, see this: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=41125 I picked up several fps as well. I wouldn't be shy about zooming, I use it all the time to zoom in on the Shkval screen, magnify those little dots into targets.
  10. For me the best thing to do is go with default mapping for first couple of hours, and then figure out which keys I'm hitting the most, then map those to stick. Guide in PDF is usefulish, but stuff like landing lights, and cockpit lighting switches I won't press often enough on the stick to make worthwhile. Essentially, mine comes down to trim/autohover and weapons systems/Shkval controls. Won't comment on landing technique until I stop busting tyres.
  11. Issue: Product is too expensive. ;)
  12. I'd kind of forgotten about our F-18s, I just want carrier ops. I suspect that's why a lot of people are voting for it too. F-14 would also be good for same reason, don't think it's been done for some time.
  13. It takes about two weeks to learn to use the mouse reasonably accurately with the other hand. For FPS games, though, would be a bit longer. :music_whistling:
  14. This is absolutely true- I wasted a week trying to fly with a deadzone and curved axis. You MUST have linear axis. Otherwise the stick will continually jerk towards the middle everytime you release trim. Someone asked about flight director- turn it on when aiming with rockets and cannon or manoeuvering hard. It makes a BIG difference.
  15. Glad to help- after my first disaster, I made a full backup copy of dcs folder :smartass: I think they're giving option in patch to change trim on key press... then return to neutral... then release key.
  16. Is this the line you are looking for? I've attached my (AFAIK) normal file if you want the whole thing. TrimmerTauInverse = 7.0 --lower value - decrease trim speed after trim button release. For personal tuning on flying style. (Has an influence on tracks) FMOptions.rar
  17. You are using TIR with 6dof, right?
  18. I have TIR, so situational awareness is not a big issue. :smilewink: I found the relevant section, it's under Server.lua, and just fiddled with the eyepoint parameters for the KA-50 until the default is maybe 6 inches further forward. I'm glad I downloaded Notepad++, I've already customised a few things such as icons.
  19. Is there a lua or similar file I can change to bring the default head position forward a notch? I can tap the zoom button, but then when I use it later and then hit reset, I'm too far away again. Thanks.
  20. Why are people trimming in a turn? Shouldn't we just trim if the speed or altitude changes significantly, ie, going from 300 to 40 and staying at 40? I read somewhere that we should trim a lot, but trim twice during a turn sounds unnecessary.
  21. It's a pleasant little chore, deciding what commands are most important with a new sim. I have MSFFB2, TM Top Gun Afterburner II, TIR and CH pedals, still thinking about assignments. What do you currently have on MS?
  22. Thanks, this is similar to the answer I found after looking through 30+ pages of forum, but I still couldn't get it to work, I think I'd broken the default. I tryed a bunch of other stuff too, but the keymap part was still grayed out. In the end I got impatient and reinstalled, which worked fine- didn't have to reactivate or anything, and I carefully backed up the folder this time :thumbup:
  23. Hi, new to this, and sinking fast. Is there a default keymap file that somone could point out to, or post for me, possibly? After a bit of fiddling around with the controls, I now have 3 saved profiles that generate errors when I try to alter them, and one decent profile... with all the keystrokes accidentally deleted. :doh: Is there a backup clean one that can be reloaded?
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