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  1. I removed the height restriction in one of the .lua files so I could bomb at low level and speed away. I noticed that a pipper travels along the ground when you're low enough, or have nose pointed down, like the one for rockets, but this one gives the impact point for bombs. After a pleasant hour bombing the hell out of everything though, it becomes apparent that rockets are better for heli.
  2. http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/2643164/Searchpage/1/Main/278234/Words/lua+replacement/Search/true/More_Realistic_Labels.html#Post2643164 This is a starting point, make a backup and fiddle around with the parameters.
  3. You know that it's possible to adjust the labels to show smaller and less obtrusive ,ie. can change to a small brown, dark green or gray dot that only pops up within eyeball range, and is barely noticeable. I prefer immersion above everything else, but let's face it, it's a game- if you're not enjoying it, you wasted your money.
  4. Yep. :joystick: In clarification, I would differentiate b/w 'fun' quick missions, where strafing and rocket attacks are the norm, and 'serious', ie campaign mode where staying the hell back and using Shkval is SOP. If I'm using FD during a campaign mission, then I've screwed up.
  5. FD on. Anything that makes my shooting as accurate as possible, it's what I assume I'd do in RL. I suppose I could trim continuously, but why bother? If we're going down the hard path, why not turn off autopilot altogether for shooting?
  6. That was the solution for me also. I was getting same kick after trimming with MSFFB2. If you are looking for a smoother travel, there's an option I found to work that involves meddling with saturation. But it's difficult to explain.
  7. At low altitude there is a CCIP pipper. I had to remove the low altitude restriction on bombs to get it to work, though.
  8. I concur about the benefits of a hard copy. I paid as much again for bound copy of manual as the sim itself, but learnt 10* more with it handy.
  9. I think the gazillionaire thought, screw it, and bought an F-16.
  10. Damn, I've realised that my settings would be saved as an image file, not an archived file. I've imaged BS install, been playing RoF for past month (one-sim man, me). I posted about it after I first tried, this was for FFB stick but I think may help you also- http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=44109 I'm not sure if description there helps? The point was that (ie) instead of pitch joystick line running 45 degrees bottom left to top right, with saturation reduced to 85% in y axis but not x, it flattens the line down to say 30 degree angle, thus producing a more relaxed pitch response. Sorry that I can't post screenshots at the moment- it's not easy to follow if you aren't looking at control config in BS. @sinelnic You're welcome to disagree- every user is going to have different experience. I choose what works for me and if I think it might be useful for others, I'll post something. In this case, I retained 85-90% control authority, with a vast gain in smoothness and accuracy when gunning. This isn't directed at you, but I do find that there are a lot of people, including mods and developers, on this forum who are more concerned with telling people how they should fly, rather than helping them to get the most out of the game they purchased.
  11. If you're fiddling with the controls, try messing with the saturation. I adjusted it in the relevant plane for each axis and found it made a significant difference as I was reducing the amount of potential throw- particularly with the Ka-50, you can't use maximum throw effectively anyway (instant blade strike/death) so it smoothed things out very well. The point is that you don't need full travel- you'll never use it with helicopter. If you'd like clarification, I'll post the settings.
  12. Maybe I missed something before Ka-50 was released, but why did they model switch covers as a separate key combo to switch itself? Why not use same switch combo to open cover, then flick switch, then close cover? Would seem to free up a few combinations.
  13. WarM, it's your purchase, you play how you want to. To play all missions in game mode, go to Options section from main screen, select gameplay options and click on Game at the bottom, and Apply to all missions. If you do get bored of playing rail shooter :smilewink: however, there's a great introduction/guide for beginners to the sim side here: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2626185/STICKY_Tutorial_How_to_take_of.html#Post2626185 Like a Dummies Guide to Black Shark, will have you up and killing stuff in 10 minutes. Can't recommend it highly enough. As for the medals, I think they're points based, whereas the promotions are flying hours based? You might have to look around forums, all I know is that once I started bombing ships, they couldn't give me medals fast enough.
  14. It's called Chernaya Akula (Black Shark). Apparently it is Russian Airwolf. There's a few clips on youtube that comprise most of the action, some with original kickarse soundtrack :joystick:
  15. Hmmm. I'd read that it was easier/more cost effective for ED to model stuff they had a military contract for, but I hadn't seen in black and white that it was the deciding factor. Ouch, this changes my expectations considerably. :cry: Still, looking forward to A-10 anyway.
  16. PULL. When I started I kept forgetting (hadn't flown heli sim prior) what the collective did, so eventually looked at the movement in cockpit, which is towards me, and reversed control accordingly.
  17. I'd be more interested in watching NG take a bath. Along with everyone else who bought Pacific Fighters.
  18. I was thinking the other day that I'd 'got it'. Can strafe and hit soldiers, land on a block of flats, creep b/w buildings 1 m off the ground, dodge SAMs etc:joystick: Then I watched the musical flight under Replay Tracks. Man, I'm not even close. Totally worth a look if you haven't checked it out.
  19. It's hard to be objective, as I haven't played BS without it. I have MSFFB2, and it works like it should- ie, I can't relate to all the trim complaints :D But BS isn't the only game around, you may need more buttons, or find that FFB throws off your aim with another sim etc. I'm curious to see how new Logitech FFB hotas is going to compare with Sidewinders, hopefully we can have a new benchmark that is actually being produced.
  20. Cheers, pretty much what I'm after- have bookmarked do=getdaily link.
  21. It would be great if you could customise your own forum displays- at the moment I find it kind of tedious clicking into 3 or 4 seperate sections, would like it if I could just see all new threads in one long display, and just click on ones I'm interested in reading.
  22. I'm not sure why so many people are frantic for F-16. There's a bunch of mods that are pretty good, even if ED can model it well enough to satisfy everyone, there'll still be screaming about the campaign. IMHFO, the F-18 is a good choice if we're going to have US fast mover after A-10. I'd say F-14 was still better, but apparently that's a definite no.
  23. Which of the buttons did you really miss, though? After looking at the GNSS page of abris section of manual, I'm not sure how much more functionality I can take...
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