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  1. The vid raises a few questions too... D/L UFC options, shows link4 options but how to get the other MIDS info page with VocA and VocB? does a second press on D/L does the trick or is the link 4 options comming if ILS is selected on and MIDS option coles on D/L press if ILS is off? Also, are the voice message from approach frequency and ownship definitive or are we gonna get some updates there too? if flying Mode 1 or 1A, ball call should state also "coupled" in the call, no? BR
  2. yes. it's working fine and as intended. also the bumpt to other screen function works fine. BR
  3. set a deadzone of 2 or 3 for your cursor in axis X and Z as explained in another post, this solved the issue...
  4. Hi all. For all of you that have the cursor getting frozen when touching the sides or swapping screens, the solution is easy: SET AXIS DEADZONE TO 2 OR 3. Totally solved it. I realised, back a few months ago, I had the same issue with the hornet with the MGRS grid, after upgrading my hardware to a winwing ST throttle. My TDC could not click because the ministick is so precise, it was still registering a movement and was not enabeling the depress function. This happens with high sensibility ministick like on my winwing or on CM2/CM3 or PS4 controller. The Warthog seemed less prone to that issue but if you encounter that problem, in anycase, give it a deadband... BR
  5. Hey there, Right, I guess that one is on me. I tested last stable too and had same behaviour so I guess nothing changed. On my rig I have 2 DDI so I usually press PB on the sides of the screen to make my selections but while doing the test yesterday, I didnt connect all the USB of my rig and used the TDC over margin to changes settings, Something I usually never do. That must have got me... need more sleep I guess.. BR
  6. I dont know, Radar manual states that the cursor of TDC can be use to select a value by depressing it and releasing it. The rest of the sentence does not explicitly states that the cursor will park itself back in upper left corner... and since both behaviors have been seen on different patches, I would like to know if this was a correction in behaviour or a glitch created by the update. I experience cursor issues with the apache and was wondering if there would be any correlation too. BR
  7. Hey all, It seems I have some issues with the cursor stopping functioning at some point with the Apache so I tested rapidelly the hornet cursor on the radar and noticed a change. Atk rdr, if I go with the cursor on the margin to a value in front of a PB, I can depress the cursor to change the value (for ex, bars, azimuth, RWS/TWS swap, range arrows...) We use to click what we needed and then move the cursor away from there but now, after we depress the cursor, he goes upper left corner, for any items you change... It use to do it for the swap between TWS and RWS but not the rest. confirm the logic changed? Best regards
  8. Same for me. I can bind the x and z axis of the hocas cursor and see it moving in the control setup so I know the binding is fine. once in the cockpit, I can move the cursor but if it touches the side of the screen, it becomes frozen and I cant move it anymore. I swap the cursor to the other screen where it appears in the middle but still cant move it around with the cursor hat. I press cursor enter, screen swap again and again and still no joy despite having correct input sensing in the axis setup... other modules cursor works fine still but hornet cursor has a different way of moving then before too. I ll repport in hornet bugs.
  9. Hey Urga, hey guys, Was walking around in Protaras and Capo Greco Cyprus yesterday, first time back since 2-3 years altough I m in Cyprus often for work... Went to a viewpoint and noticed that they took away the antennas that used to be there and also the tip of the cape is open to civ public. Might wanna consider taking the antennas away from there too... Also, buildings are growing like mushrooms in Limassol... soon will be time to add those big structures lol
  10. Niiiice... Anything added at N35°42'28.4 E39°49'59.3? for reenactment missions...
  11. Hey all, Love the jester pod so far but indeed, we would benefit from another additional slewing method. most of us have a TDC cursor on our throttles or sticks when we fly other jets. Those TDC are not used in the tomcat but we should make it usable to slew the pod, that could be awesome and easier then moving your head to hover an out of plan dot in a ring in your VR kit.... just an opinion...
  12. hey all, thanks for your answers. What I wanted to say was that I was surprised, by following a taxiway center line, to find taxiway edge lights right on it while lining up 06. And that if there should be anything, it should indeed be some green leading light that you ll normally find on twy centerline... Usually, blue is for twy edges and green for twy centeline. Now, I checked on Jeppview and indeed, Nalchik does not have a lot of equipement and as you may find in a lot of old eastern countries airport, might just have the edge blue lights. Sorry for the misunderstanding. See ya all later, BR, Vixen
  13. Hey all, following the centerline to reach the threshold of rwy 06, just in the turn for lineup, the centerline has twy blue edge lights on it. needs to be changed for the green recessed light BR
  14. Hey guys, love Syria map... just did a night mission and came back to land in Ramat David and noticed the left papi was wrong. Papi logic should have the red lights on the inboard side (ie close to runway) white goes outboard. rwy 33 papis, were with red on left and white on right of the 4 lights I was on path with 2 reds and 2 whites and PAPI were giving me R. R. W. W [] R. R. W. W. instead of W. W. R. R [] R. R. W. W. gonna go check other fields now. lol BR...
  15. Hi all, small prerequisite: I m running both Stable and OB version of DCS. I go MP with both versions and have applied same settings and options to both of them except that Stable is with all my maps and modules while OB is just Caucasus and the F14, f16 and f18. As I m flying in VR, I just do ONE tunning in the MDG_strokes_def lua, I reduce the thickness and fuzzyness otherwise my hud is a big green bloby thing... I never had issues with just changing those 2 values and it always passed integrity check on MP. The new OB seems not to like that and kick me out with the message "pure client required". So, is this a new thing, to have this quick edit not pass the IC or is it just something with new OB version? BR
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