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  1. Nice with rain effects on the windshield, but there is no need of them if the wipers do not work. Hence, the wipers work mechanically, but they are not wiping of the rain from the windshields.
  2. I think I never played Janes Longbow 1 (I do not remember), but Janes Longbow 2 is also imprinted in my body as DI:s Apache. The soundtrack is amazing here aswell (credits end of video)! It would be really cool if the campaign code, or missions, would be replicated in DCS. From sights and overview it looks amazing strategically and tactically. In this video though, the player is flying a recon mission with the Kiowa, with an AH64D wingman, not too exiting though, just a long preview.
  3. @Robi Hobby Do not forget about Digital Integrations Apache Longbow, still the music, the feel, the sounds is imprinted in my central nervous-system.
  4. Though, I do not see the problem here, if you do not want to use the waypoints, it does not matter if they are there or not.... though I am thinking about waypoints here. I guess @Fakum means it is too easy to make the mistake choosing the wrong target-points?
  5. @Volk. I tested this out. Made 5 waypoints, and made a "flightplan" in the PVI-800 with waypoint 3, 5, and then 1 in that order. In route-mode, the system navigated as I predicted (3->5->1). Not sure what happens though after passing the last waypoint in the "flightplan". @Fakum You should be able to edit/recreate a new waypoint on any slot by overwriting the values. I need to test this though...
  6. I have not tested this, but as you are able to sequence the waypoints in the flight in any order, I guess you can sequence only the part of the waypoints you have stored. Therefore it should not be necessary to remove the waypoints, you can ignore them. I.e. if you have waypoints 1,2,3,4,5, and you want to remove waypoints 3 and 4, sequence the waypoints 1,2,5 instead by pressing WPT, select 1, press ENTER, select 2, press ENTER, select 5, press ENTER, press WPT. I guess the PVI-800 would then only follow the flightplan of waypoints 1,2,5. Waypoints 3 and 4 is there, but you can just ignore them.
  7. I wonder if, when adding an invisible FARP, and then destroying it, will the trees pop back or will they remain removed? I need to test this out, as the removal zone function does not work. Also I must do this in LUA, and it seems there is no "removal zone function" there...
  8. Hoggit has a good reference to DCS lua scripting, sometimes with examples, and sometimes you need to test and trial how to implement the functions. https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_func_getByName https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_func_getCargoWeight -- not 100% sure if this is the correct code to retrieve a static object. cargoObject = StaticObject.getByName("cargo666") -- currently not sure the correct way to get the data, I think it is either of these two. weight = cargoObject.getCargoWeight() weight = StaticObject.getCargoWeight(cargoObject) EDIT: Also, you can get a table of data with all the information concerning the object (I guess), in either of these two ways: https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_func_getDescByName https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_func_getDesc Though, the structure of the table may be different depending on what type of object it is, currently I am not sure where to find the reference of this, but you can print the table of the object in the mission, and do some detective work from there....
  9. Is it possible, via scripting, to spawn a cargo object (which CAN BE CARGO) already attached/connected to a slingload of a helicopter? I know this is a tough question, and I guess the answer is no, but it is worth to put that question out anyway... Also, is it possible to dynamically link and unlink static objects to other units, such as a moving ship? I.e. when creating a static object in the mission-editor, you are able to link it to a moving ship. But is it possible to unlink it later on with script code? Why these questions? I am trying to use 'CAN BE CARGO' objects on moving ships. If spawned on a ship (unlinked), the cargo will be on a fixed point not moving with the ship (ending up floating in the air when the ship has moved away). If an object is spawned linked with the ship, you are unable to use it as 'CAN BE CARGO', hence unable to slingload it. So I am thinking about creating my own slingload script, and if hovered inside the required 3d-volume above the cargo, despawn the linked static object, and respawn a new unlinked static object, preferably already attached to the slingload of the helicopter.
  10. The sliding bug in this case means a player/client-controlled helicopter, parked on a pad on a ship, or somewhere else on a Carrier, is moving slowly towards the direction of travel which that ship moves. The sliding will not occur however if the ship is not moving. I think I have tested all the ships that has helicopter-pads, but I may have missed some... Ships which does not have the sliding bug (fine to park your helicopter there) Oliver Hazzard Perry Class Type 071 Amphibious Transport Dock Ships which does have the sliding bug (after a while you will end down in the sea, or collide with an object) All USS Carriers Type 052C Destroyer CG 1164 Moskva USS Arleigh Burke Ila LH-1 Tarawa CGN 1144.2 Pyotr Velikiy CV 1143.5 Admiral Kuznetsov CV 1143.5 Admiral Kuznetsov (2017) Ticonderoga class Type 052B Destroyer Type 054A Frigate
  11. Actually I think this is a general DCS bug, I noticed that on typically almost all boats, the helicopter slowly slides if the boat moves. I have tested all the american boats, but one boat though (not a carrier and I cannot remember its name), the chopper stands steady with no sliding at all. I think there is some type of setting, or coding algorithm, involved. Edit: File a new bug here.
  12. Objects that "CAN BE CARGO", which is placed and linked to the carrier, cannot be slingloaded (hence there is no cargo to chose from in the F6 menu). But it works if the cargo is not linked with the boat, but then the cargo moves and slides of the boat while it is moving.
  13. In this case a player-controlled Huey. I am not sure though if this happens with other general boats aswell (not carriers). Edit: This seems to be a general DCS bug, filed a new bug here, topic may be removed:
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