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  1. @Skewgear, the 4YA server is good and keeps improving. It is a very positive force in DCS WWII. Personally I don’t think that the historical accurate (within the limits) label is the thing that makes it good - rather, it serves as a lure for the players that wish to claim they are the hardest hard core. The “most populated” title does not reflect correctly on the other servers - in a small player base there is an instability where the server with more players will draw the players away from the other servers, leaving them next to empty. When I log in and see 2 players on N.20 I will choose 4YA and fly a channel crossing mission even if it means I will have time for just 1 sortie. By the way, I usually fly solo - I need human opponents to fear, even if I manage to sneak in, strike, and egress without being engaged. Fear is excitement, and I don’t get that in an empty server, no matter how good the server is set up. btw, there is the “player deliverable” mosquito slots on the continent fields - is this 1 to 1? i.e., if I end my sortie there, 1 mosquito becomes available for the next sortie?
  2. Realism is great, but if what you are after is to fly around and flick switches the this is what MSFS is for. The place where DCS comes short is the content, the “C” of DCS. It is clear that DCS is made for offline SP more than online MP. However, SP campaigns for most WWII modules are few and rely on private campaign makes to initiate & create them. MP servers struggle with mismatched warbirds roster. Both MP and SP also struggle with a limited selection of AI units with problematic AI. I love the DCS mosquito as a study sim, but there are no SP campaigns for it (I know of the early access status that will drag on for years probably, and 1 campaign from Reflected that is in a holding pattern till some conditions are met). MP pitch the Mosquito against 1945 LW’s finest rare warbirds, and if the server plays the Normandy map and follow historical home fields (4YA, good server for non mosquitos) then Mosquitoes have to fly 20-25 minutes across the channel to get to the action. N.20 server (I love it) deviates from historical accuracy in favor of better combat experience, but suffers from low population on many Euro evenings.
  3. Switching to the navigator seat is not required, unless you need to mess with the radio equipment in the back. Still, the starboard seat has much better views to the right and back - I have the seat switching on one of my stick hats and quickly switch when I want to spot to the right and back. Mosquitoes hardly flew short day sorties - the RAF had plenty of single engine/seat planes for that. Mosquitoes were tasked mostly to night missions, or to long range day missions that the singles could not do or a two men crew was an advantage (difficult navigation, a need of an observer/spotter, long rang HF radio operator).
  4. Bozon

    QoL improvements

    I did not ask for a change, I asked for an additional line in the key bindings that allows to toggle both switches with a single button. An existing example: the left/right starter buttons have such a option.
  5. Bozon

    QoL improvements

    OK, thanks. I have VKB Gladiator, perhaps their software can do it too. The problem with that is that it’s a workaround - it will affect other games, unless I setup profiles… etc, etc. Then you change something from within the game and it does not work, or worse, you buttons now have un expected operations. Given no other solution, or as a stop gap I will try it, but these things should really be from within the game.
  6. Currently the stall cues are pretty weak. There is a very mild screen shake effect and that is that - no sound effect and the shakes tell very little how deep am I into the stall. I realize that the Mosquito is still officially in early access, but I wanted to give my feedback and remind of this point that needs to be addressed before full release state. Sound effects are so important for immersion and in replacing the "feel" of the pilot through his stick and seat. We should be able to hear the onset of stall and sense how deep into the stall we are pulling by variation of the sound. Same goes for the vibrations - they need to increase the deeper we get into a stall, or start from up/down shake and transition into up/down/left/right shake. Even if these are a bit exaggerrated, they contribute to immersion more than detract from it.
  7. OK here are my wishes for some QoL improvements, mostly regarding key-bindings and what they mean. The Mosquito for all its greatness is an ergonomic disaster - there is no need to add to that because we are operating levers and switches by keyboard or stick buttons that look nothing like the real thing - but this is what we have to work with. 1. Gears & Flaps levers - down means DOWN! What does it mean when I press the "flaps down" button? "Move the lever to the down position" "Apply downward pressure on the lever, see if it moves" Currently it is #2, while I expect it to be #1. I appreciate the modeling of the animated latches and all, but it means 2 more buttons that I need to assign to the latches/stops of these two levers. This is silly and actually reduces from immersion - my buttons look nothing like these levers and latches and make up an even worse ergonomy. It is double frustrating because I can't feel the latches - I must look at them to verify that the lever actually moved. When I command "lever down" with a binded button press - the lever needs to move down, latches and all, no ifs or buts. I would appreciate it if the animation of the latches will remain, but this needs to be 1 action. The reason these latches were placed there in the real thing is that placing 3 similar and critical handles next to each other is a really REALLY bad idea and an accedent waiting to happen. So they added different latches to the levers that the pilot will be able to distinguish by touch that he is grabbing the wrong lever. I absolutely cannot recreate that with a normal stick/throttle. 2. Radiator switches - bind both We have two switches that operate the left/right radiators. I see no practical scenario in which I will want to operate them separately. For the pilot in the real plane this makes no difference since he flicks both up/down in one movement - "we" however need to bind 2 precious buttons for these toggles. Therefore I wish to have an additional binding for "toggle both radiators" as 1 button.
  8. DCS is a VERY expensive game - directly by cost of multiple modules you need to purchase, and indirectly by computer requirements and peripheral equipment (stick, and some of: throttle, pedals, head tracking/VR). This already raises the mean age of DCS players significantly. In addition as several posters pointed above, only people who are already aviation enthusiasts may even try DCS seriously. F-4 Phantom is very well known world wide outside the US. An aviation enthusiast from outside the US is far more likely to have seen an F-4 fly than an F-14. It is also far more likely that their country airforce flew F-4s than F-14s. F-14 is a very charismatic plane. Heck, the recent “Mavric” movie clearly demonstrated (no spoilers) how much more charismatic it is than the F-18, when it showed up in that film. But OUT SIDE the US, the F-4 carries a lot of nostalgia with it, that the F-14 does not.
  9. After the success of “Maverick” I predict we will see a prequal to the series “Top gun: the early years” staring Maverick’s dad in an F-4.
  10. Bozon

    About Mirage F1

    AFAIK the Israeli A-4s with the extended tailpipe were A-4N with the later J-52 engine, while those without were A-4E/H with the older model J-52. This extended exhaust was also used when they installed late J-52 in the Dassault Super Mystere and turned it into the much improved Sa’ar.
  11. Bozon

    About Mirage F1

    In the Middle east it was mirage IIICJ, but EE is close enough I guess. My credit card will come out flying for any Mirage III.
  12. Bozon

    B.IV or B.IX

    To match our current WWII roster, the B.XVI will be the most appropriate model. You mentioned cookies… well this was the main 4000 lbs “cookie” carrier. Bomber Harris policy: if you’re going to commit war crimes - use the biggest bomb you’ve got!
  13. Also, you can run NATO scenarios with F-4E and F-16C from different NATO members during the 90s or even early 2000s. I think that there are still NATO members operating F-4E even in 2022. Come on, we don’t have to have the exact block of Viper. Weapon restrictions are usually enough to play as an earlier block.
  14. F-4E were in service in the Israeli air force till 2004 along side F-16C/D (not sure which blocks were at that time). The last ones to be retired were “Kurnas 2000” with upgraded radar and some guided weapons capabilities, but for most of the 90s F-4E and F-16C/D were the main air to ground platforms.
  15. Combined with the sensitive breaks lever when it is mapped to buttons (rather than an analog axis), it is very difficult to come to a full stop without lifting the tail and slamming it down, thus damaging the weak tail wheel.
  16. Two issues I ran into when switching to the navigator seat in single player: 1. If you have the cannons firing at the moment you switch seats to navigator, they will continue to fire until out of ammunition. They will stop only if you switch back to pilot seat. 2. From the navigator seat I still have control of stick and rudder, but the throttle is frozen. If flight controls are available from the nav seat (they have to be in single player since we act as both crew simultaneously) then all of them needs to be: stick, rudder, throttle, and trims (didn’t positively verify that the latter work from the nav seat - I may have just been pressing buttons with no actual effect).
  17. The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) offered to upgrade Phantoms of foreign nations to Super Phantoms. These would benefit from the engines and advanced Israeli avionics & radar intended for the cancelled Lavi fighter. They even had a flying demostrator with the PW1120 engines installed that had power/weight>1 (see vid below). The US government made it perfectly clear that they would not allow any project that will hurt F-16 and F-18 sales, and closed this project too (shortly after the Lavi). https://youtu.be/aePzMZbImNU
  18. This sounds like good fun for the Mosquitoes. The nights of early June are close to the shortest nights of the year and at Normandy latitudes it should not be completely dark even in the middle of the night. Long time ago when the Mosquito forum opened and we were waiting to preorder I posted a story of a mosquito vs. FW-190s over Normandy. While it was technically a night fighter mission, the visually ID’ed the 190s from a couple of mile away and that was after 11 PM.
  19. Oh, remembered another things: The server always resets the mission at the same real world hour. This always happens 10 minutes after my usual hours (late Euro evening) - so I take off from England (Mosquito) and a few minutes into crossing the channel I get the “20 minutes” mission end warning. This pretty much wastes half of my session without getting into any action. Would it be possible to randomize the mission restart real-world hour by a small amount?
  20. The only thing that bums me on this server is that the Mosquitoes are all in England, so it means spending 20+ minutes to cross the channel. Immersive, but usually means I will not have the time for more than 1 sortie per session (unless I die really fast, which is not comforting). This would not be so bad had the Channel map were used - but then the action would not be over Normandy… oh well. At least on earlier missions all allied are still based in England, so my Mosquito, my invisible navigator, and I are not alone and far removed from the action.
  21. The P-47s that made most of the work were the razorbacks. The big P-47 aces Johnson, Kirby, Gabi, etc, made most, if not all of their kills in razorbacks, yet all people see are the bubble tops that were mostly 9th AF planes. Same goes for the P-51s, the ones that made the difference were the B models, not the D. I’d buy a razorback or a B-pony as separate modules.
  22. APIT afaik stand for Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracer - So I guess BaIT is supposed to be Ball Incendiary Tracer. However the Hispano BaIT mix does not include the ball rounds
  23. @razo+r thanks! By the way, in the examples you show above, the Hispano’s APIT and BalT are also identical: Same goes for CM = HE.
  24. While we are on the topic, can someone explain these ammo types / loads? i.e, the 2 top options: "APIT AP/De Wilde" and "BaIT Ball/De Wilde" look exactly the same mix: HEI/SAPI/APT, so what is the difference? What is the difference between "API AP/De Wilde (No Tracer)" and "CS - No Tracers" down below? "AG - Ground Attack" is not very informative. What are we attacking? soft targets like trucks & troops? Light armor? Buildings? What should I take for anti-shipping? Does it even matter to the game?
  25. FB.VI rarely did short range & short endurance missions - there were plenty silly little single engine fighter-bombers for that. FB.VIs either went on deep penetration missions, or long patrols. However, after d-day there were shorter range missions of interdiction flown at night. Speculation: even when 100% was not required, they still carried a “significant” fuel load, which means there will be some fuel in the outer tanks. For DCS we should be allowed to play with loadouts that were possible even if not used in practice. Here simple logic needs to be applied, and to me simple logic says to fill the inner tanks first.
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