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  1. Vietnam, Afganistán and a North Persian gulf Ie Kuwait, Iraq up to Baghdad, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Those are the maps I would like to see.
  2. Yeah, If it does become an option I agree with it being a server controlled option.
  3. Yeah, been meaning to make this as I remember seeing some pics of the eyepiece a few months or weeks ago.
  4. Hi, I just saw the IHADSS Sneak peak video and noticed the “eyepiece outline”, something like that is realistic however for some of us we might find it annoying and a bit intrusive, therefore I believe there should be ether a keybind to toggle the “outline” or a option to disable or enable the “outline” in the special options tab. If this isn’t planed it would be nice to have it considered, For me Personally its a love hate relationship about this eyepiece, I like the aspect about it however at the same time I find it a bit intrusive, likewise I can live with it but I’m sure there are people out there that can’t live with it. Despite that I’m interested to see what other people think about this.
  5. Me: Sees eurofighter by truegrit Also Me: Meh its a knock off F-16 not worth the buy HEATBLUR: Announces Eurofighter with Trugrit ME: OK IM LISTENING I DONT CARE IF ITS A KNOCK OFF F-16, HEATBLUR IS INVOLVED SO TAKE MY D*MN MONEY. Tbh anything that heatblur is involved in will be good and a immediate buy from me, now.... time to start saving.....
  6. Oh thank you I have been trying to find the lua and code to make it do that for weeks, do you know what code and lua I would need to allow Players to fold wings via a keybind?
  7. Update, I am still looking for Volunteers however, My team now comprises of a Modeler/Texturer, Flight model coder, and Livery/Texturer, I am still looking for a dedicated System coder, and if you have experience in any of the others and would like to join like I have said the more the merrier, If you would like to volunteer DM me here on the forums or on Discord Aviation360#4435
  8. Just out of curiosity regarding the S-2 Tracker mod, Is there a E-1 Tracer version of that Tracker mod? And Do you happen to know when the mod might be released? If you don’t know when it will be released then I understand
  9. Yeah, you might need that.... lol
  10. Bet I plan to paint her as USS Hancock for a Vietnam campaign in working on, If you need a dude to do the liveries on your USS Oriskany I would be happy to help
  11. @Bungo do you happen to have a paintkit for Melbourne?
  12. Still looking for volunteers if anyone is interested
  13. Is there a Paintkit for the P-3 and C-2? Also would love to see a S-1, E-1, SH-3, F-8, and RA-5 as AI for the MAM would be nice to see those if you can get them. If there is a paintkit please let me know
  14. @TLTeo there is a greyhound mod included in the military aircraft mod.
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