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  1. Can we get some early war fighters also? The Lagg3 was solid. I would love a lend-lease Airacobra but of course Octopus prefers Russian. There was massive combat in the Caucasus region in 1943. Over the Kuban Bridgehead, Soviet 4th Air Army employed 1000 aircraft. Normal order of battle for the Luftwaffe was 300, but at times it imported aircraft from other regions to match the Soviets with 1000 planes of their own. We have the map! We just need the planes.
  2. Gorgeous video. I don't play online, I almost didn't watch. But these tips obviously apply to SP as well. What is your kill ratio?
  3. Northern Ireland/The Troubles. Okay, that's a joke. Some really good suggestions here. 1. Germany/Poland. Amsterdam to Budapest to Warsaw. An A-10 freak's dream. 2. Korea 1970s. A map that might work for both 1990s jets and 1950s jets. 3. Taiwan. 4. Iran-Iraq. Huge 9 year war with lots of aircraft. But maybe we can fake it with PG. 5. Iceland/Norway. I would be forced to buy the Harrier. 6. I would love to refight Khe Sanh, but dropping napalm on triple-canopy jungle, how would I know if I hit anything? And do I really want to drop napalm on 2-legged creatures who can't shoot back? Not exactly a fair fight.
  4. Great idea. And I've been wondering why Nevada is not in alphabetical order like all the other modules/maps.
  5. For M1 I would have preferred Soviets strike EWR/P-3/FFG. Even civillian shipping by mistake. But I offer constructive criticism only to prove I am not a fanboy. The campaign is A+. Please place Nordkapp in Downloads/User files. It is a difficult, unique, interesting campaign. Viper pilots will love it. It is 95F where I am. Maybe a high arctic winter campaign won't fly off the shelf until October. On the other hand, it is winter in Australia and Argentina.
  6. Hey Lace. 100 days have passed, is the topic dead and locked? I was flying your campaign daily in May. I meant to tell you how much I liked it. But then the Hind appeared, and I dropped everything to learn it. You really need to place Nordkapp in user downloads. There are only 12 Viper campaigns. Each has 300+ downloads, yours will have 500+. Share, don't be selfish. DCS needs more content not less. Fencer intercept, dam defense, bridge strike, Scud hunt, bomber intercept, Sea King escort, these were all really good missions. The only mission I didn't like was M1. Didn't think the rigs were valid economic targets, and the Soviets would not strike them on day 1. POL storage and pumping stations perhaps. The weather was atrocious. I really believed I was above latitude 60. Amazing you can achieve that with only visual effects. I was a bit lazy, you forced me to learn ILS in the F16. Thank you for that. So, what are you working on now?
  7. AI wingmen are calling out "good hits on target!" Obviously, this is WIP/planned but I will be grateful when Petro does the same. Something like "good hit" or "impact" or "miss" would much appreciated. In heavy combat enviroments there are arty strikes and main gun flashes, it is not always obvious when my shturm has detonated. The confusion can cause me to drive further into the enemy's kill zone, unnecessarily.
  8. As soon as I finish Hind flight school I'm going to fly Iran-Iraq. Almost there. How is it difficult? Too many fighters? Too many SAMS? Too flat terrain, no place to hide?
  9. Chuck's HInd guide went live yesterday. Seems strange there is no announcement here. If you are a supporter, you got an email. But someone else might have missed it. Grab it now! It is really good. Learned to use PSS only during uprepared TO and landing sites. https://www.mudspike.com/chucks-guides-dcs-mi-24p-hind/
  10. Thanks for clarifying this. Petro aft short does close the sight doors. I wasn't getting confirmation at first so I tried switching to MG-30 because it was said previously this causes Operator to automatically close the missile sight. Strange thing was, when I switched back to missile, the HUD yellow light bottom right would illuminate instantly, making me think Petro never closed them. But yes, aft short does work. I was happy with the O key before. I would make slow gentle turns and tell Operator to open the sight doors. When we began our attack run he was ready to go. Now, I have to line up on targets, tell Operator to search for targets, and then wait 3 seconds for the doors to open. My blood pressure is going up.
  11. Really interesting question. I believe the downhill takeoffs were to increase airflow through the rotor. I believe the winglets are ineffective at low speed. Maybe a real pilot can chime in. I remember someone once saying the wings make the Hind more stable at high speed. Also, in the BBC documentary posted here last week, they say wings take stress off the rotor at high speed and prolong engine life. In the sim, I have had an entire wing shot off. Didn't feel a change in flight characteristics. Was it because the FM is WIP? Or was it because I was flying too slow? Not sure. I own only 2 DCS helos, Ka50 and Mi24. When the Ka overspeeds the rotor blades snap off. For the Hind, there is sudden shaking. Reducing the collective to zero makes the aircraft very controllable(and makes my panic go away). When that happens it feels like the wings are giving 20% lift. For fixed-wing aircraft it is said anhedral wings increase roll rate and help slow turning planes turn better. When I got the Hind turns felt sluggish and uncomfortable. I started putting rudder into my turns and that just made everything worse. Now I have learned to sharply roll the Hind and make cyclic only turns. Perhaps the wings increase roll on the Hind also.
  12. Really impressive. Accidental taran. Good Ural tungsten versus weak French carbon-fiber. You were PO? That must have been some view. How could Nekomata miss? Did you RTB? How did the fuselage look? Hope you weren't able to shoot more missiles. I thought Flying Tank was urban myth. I was wrong. I thought it was short for Flying Tank Killer, meaning latest and greatest Sturmovik. No, this thing is VBMP for real. We made a missile run against Pattons. Petro shacked. I pulled away. We had only 4 missiles but I had to go to F2 to see if we were winchester. I saw the Pattons shooting sabot at us. Not too worried, the 12.7 is deadly accurate. We were going 190 KPH and not flying straight and level. What kind of Patton gunner can put lead on that? WHAM. A sabot passed through our tail boom. The aircraft didn't even shake.
  13. Subtitles were a big help. I was wondering why they were flying so slow. Demonstration purposes, lol. The instructor teaches to attack the bandit from his 4 o'clock. Why not attack the bandit from his 6? Certainly, a low approach from the 6 is more stealthy. Maybe because the average helo travels at 120 kts, it is hard to overtake from behind? Also, from behind the bandit's profile won't change much. From 4 o'clock, the bandit is more likely to fill up your windscreen at the merge.
  14. Amazing video. 1989, almost recent. Congratulations to Collective 1499 for a record wheat harvest. Watching real Hinds we see how good the DCS FM is. Perfect no but damn good. I have been doing my own dogfighting. In a mission with lots of units an Apache passed 400m to my left. I pulled hard and got on his 6. I gave him 2 good bursts. He immediately jettisoned weapons and dove straight for the ground. Awesome, an AH kill. Then the sumbich started climbing again. What? Then a Soviet SAM hit him and he expoloded. OMG! In another mission, I was low and fast. A Kiowa appeared moving across my nose slow 500m in front and 200m above. I climbed hard to meet him, he was barely moving and I was still fast. One short burst. I saw only a single impact below the rotor. Damnit, a single AP hit is not going to demolish a Kiowa. But when I read the debrief I got credit for the kill. Must have hit the gearbox. Did I celebrate? No, when I tried to egress, a tsunami of 12.7 ground fire engulfed me, I crashed and died. I sure do miss my Kamov ejection seat. Fighting Apaches/Mavericks is nuts. But for all the other helos, I feel I can hunt them with my high speed and twin cannons.
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