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selling Thrustmaster Warthog extensions


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Bought dust covers for my Rhino from Sahaj after reading all these positive reviews.
Can't say i'm disappointed! Very helpful troughout the process, fast shipping and very happy with the quality of the covers.

Just got some new rudder pedals and just orderd a dust cover for it as well!

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Installed the green spring this week and can say it's made such a difference especially flying the apache. Should have done a long time ago. 

Would recommend anyone to do.

Service by Sahaj excellentl. Thabk you very much.

Attached a picture of my simple VR setup.


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I've bought the Virpil 20mm extension for my warthog and I'm unsure which spring to buy. Does the red one only center with the extension or is there real force? I like when the stick feels heavy, because it creates the impression of really flying the plane (I fly a plane irl, it has mechanical controls and you can really feel the forces on the stick). But I also like to fly helicopters and I fear that the blue spring is too much force for flying precisely. Does anyone have experience and can help me out?

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I bought a few weeks ago a green spring and 7.5cm extension for my warthog, I can say that I would not be able to play without them now. Everything is more smooth and precise now.

Sahaj was also quick to answer my questions and I receive everything in 1 week. The package really good also.

I can only recommend it.


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