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Replays Fix

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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has found a fix for the replays showing the wrong thing? I've had multiple 1 vs 2 battles with me in a Mig-21Bis against 2 F-5's and saved the replays because they were awesome fights where I won and it shows me either getting blown up or hitting the water but thats not what happened at all.



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Probably not...


Replaying tracks has some issues. Sometime you (or DCS) can't replay it properly unfortunately.

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So is there any solution to solve replays and another question how to replay multiplay session. When i try to replay multiplay session there is nothing i mean no aircraft etc.

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Same here. Just completed a great mission. But the replay feature does not work. I don't think I'll be able to re-create those mission events. -_-


Tried the following (created multiple backups/replay saves of the same mission. Made 3 saves)

-Replaying without exceeding 2X time. --> replay broke

-Replaying not exceeding 1X time.--> replay broke

-Replaying with minimum graphic settings AND not exceeding 1X. --> replay broke


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