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Mi-8MT weapons mod


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This is just a small mod to the helilcopter's file that adds a few historical weapons:

UV-16 57mm rocket pod

UV-32 57mm rocket pod

S-24 240mm rockets


Just place the attached file in [your DCS main directory]\Scripts\Database\helicopters


Note that installing this might cause some problems in multiplayer (due to checks aimed at preventing cheating).


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A screenie... basically the MiG-21 unguided rocket armament on the Mi-8. It is a correct historical load-out.




To fire the big S24 rockets seperatly from the other rockets, you need to equip them on the most inboard pylons (so not like the screenshot above!) and select pylons '3-4' with the switch on the armament panel numbered (1) in the picture below.



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Happy Flying! :pilotfly:

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So I tried this mod. But the UB32 pods are rather low poly models. I modified your lua file to include the UB32 pods from the MiG-21. They are visually much more attractive and they have the exact same effect.


Installation method:


2.This will overwrite a LUA file. Backup the original if you want. But you should also get it back with DCS repair. (Or possibly a new official patch)

3.Copy and paste the contents of the zip file into the main DCS folder. This should work for any version. (stable, beta or alpha)

4.If it doesn't overwrite anything, it is not installed correctly.


No multiplayer problems encountered as of yet.


Enjoy! :thumbup:


PS, now uploaded the correct file.

Mi8 Weapon mod.zip

Edited by 1.JaVA_Platypus

Happy Flying! :pilotfly:

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