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Big fps hit after windows 10 upgrade or other bottleneck


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I7950 3.8ghz

Amd 270x

6gb Ram (i know its not much but ive never had any issues)

Dcs world on SSD

Windows 10 pro upgrade


Dcs world 1.5.5


Thought id try windows 10 to see if Dcs 2 would gain any performance.


Without changing anything im suddenly down to 22-24 fps in dcs 1.5 over a locked 31 normally and guessing it lies around 35 unlocked. I got the 3 monitor and 3 screen setup in game.


My graphic card is around 85-90% and all 4 cpu cores are at around 60% Same fps at 3.8 and 4ghz

I seem to be stuck at these frame rates and i get the same even with everything set to low, it will only change if i tax it to much.


Is windows 10 such a horrible performance eater or where is the bottleneck here. Anyone have some experience with this?

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1080 ti, i7700k 5ghz, 16gb 3600 cl14 ddr4 oc

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As mentioned 6gb of ram is pretty lean.


Also, you did not mention if your 270x was the 2gb or 4gb ram model, if 2gb that would be very lean for 1.5 or 2.0


Also, in DCS 1.5, some missions are very taxing and do not utilize the GPU very well, some missions I get poor framerates and others I get very good. 1.5 is still a work in progress for the eventual move to 2.5. I get much better and more consistent performance in DCS 2.0


I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 about a year ago, performance for me in Win 10 has been very good.


Also check and make sure the X-Box recorder is not active and running. Some have reported that thing getting enabled by default.

Don B

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Thanks for the replies chaps. Turns out I had a knee board addition in my 3 screen setup file that screwed the fps.


Wasn't aware of the xbox recorder so I'll check that regardless.


I got the 4 gb 270x btw


For the ram, the only issue seems to be microstutters at anything below rock solid 60 fps but I don't notice it much during missions/training as I'm quite busy. I'll be upgrading when Amd release their new stuff so I hope it will be gone then.

1080 ti, i7700k 5ghz, 16gb 3600 cl14 ddr4 oc

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OP, that's how your new OS is better than your old one! Everything runs slower--that means it's doing more!!


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I have an older i7 parked beside me, spare rig, equipped with 6GB DDR1600, i7-920/2.66GHz, SSD and a Nvidia 670GTX.


It is enuff to fly around alone but dont try to load a mission or join BF, it never made it there LoL


I then changed RAM to 2x8GB ( despite its a3-channel board ) and it went smooth, loading all missions SP and MP.


That is a clear indicator how far 6GB will carry you.

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