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Strange crabbing behavior on ground?


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DCS ver 2.05

Hi all

Anyone else experiencing strange behaviour on the ground?

In the "cold start" instant action mission after starting and trying to taxi the plane veers in the opposite direction even though the nosewheel is fully to the other side??:music_whistling:

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You obviously haven't flown the Ka-50 "Courier" mission, then? This is how it starts (it's dark, so the video is not that clear - best viewed in full screen) the camera follows an infantryman, running across the pan:


Kneeboard Guides

Rig: GA Z390D; i5 9600k; 32GB DDR4 3200; RTX 4080; VPC T50 CM2 HOTAS; SN-1 Pedals; VR = Pico 4 over VD Wireless.

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