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  1. I'm probably not using the correct terminology, but my Crosswinds came with 2-3 different interchangeable "inserts", the thing that the big bolt-head on the arm attached to the spring moves along as you move the pedals. If you have these also, maybe drop the one in that has the deepest dip in the middle, as that should give a bigger impression of a "centre detent".
  2. if it's working from the pilot seat, but not from the CPG seat, then maybe check that you haven't inadvertently cleared those mappings from the keyboard, in the AH64 CPG category.
  3. ..for an official response
  4. I'm a very satisfied wheelstand pro user also and currently use a 20cm extension, which is just about as long as i could use, with the joystick mounting tube, on the stand, dropped as low as it can go.
  5. but can George choose his own targets, especially if there is more than one? I thought that the non-artificial intelligence in the aircraft has to make the ultimate decision as to which target is selected?
  6. "by George, I think he/she's got it" I wonder if that could that be where the AI CPG got his name?
  7. Maybe check this out. It would appear that the throttle might implement a reverse thrust, which from a certain point, makes DCS think the throttle is increasing the more you pull it back.
  8. I went this way and it works really well. Many thanks @Tuuvas, for sharing.
  9. From the still on the video you have linked, you can see an adjustment knob just beneath the "M" of "MFG". Just loosen that a bit and the bottom end of the spring it adjusts can be removed, altogether or left so loose that it has very little effect.
  10. MFG Crosswinds will be worth a look. They have a centre tensioning spring that can easily be removed to adapt them for helicopter flying and they are solidly put together.
  11. At least some of the screens do not appear to have limits for the cursor coordinates, which means that although the cursor appears at the edge of the screen, its actual coordinates might be miles off outside of the screen. This will probably be fixed, but in the meantime, maybe try moving your cursor away from the edge, until it starts to move again.
  12. Does that throttle have a button at the lower end of its movement and might this button be mapped to a non-axis throttle command?
  13. Many thanks for that. I've done all of the illustrated mappings and all i need to do now is to remember what they all are, whilst wearing a VR headset. I think I might need to peak a little.
  14. That's the word i was looking for. So do i need to find buttons on another controller for the first detents for those two triggers?
  15. Sorry, I've apparently not been too clear. It was the apparent lack of the 'Weapon Trigger First' and the 'LRFD Trigger First' mappings that i was referring to.
  16. Could it just be that having what is effectively a single command axis bound to multiple controller axes, in the same category/seat, is causing said controller axes to effectively compete for control and cancel each other out? Maybe try just having one controller axis bound in each seat.
  17. Yes, but unless you have a lot of physical buttons/axes on your physical controller(s), you're still likely to be struggling to map everything you need.
  18. I'm probably missing something, but in the first couple of diagrams in the OP, for the xbox/ps controllers, there doesn't appear to be any mention of the "First" versions of the two triggers, whereas on the PS specific diagrams, both "first" and "second" triggers are included. Where would i select the first level triggers on an xbox controller?
  19. As curves are basically there to allow what is likely to be a relatively short physical joystick, commonly used by PC simmers, to behave as though it is a longer virtual joystick/cyclic and as that relationship is not going to be massively different from joystick to joystick, I chose to start with the curves of 8 that Wags uses in his controls video. I've not had to tweak the curves since, so they can't be far off. Alternatively, if your joystick allow it, you could choose to add an extension to your joystick, that makes its length comparable to the length of the Apache cyclic, which would preclude the need for a curve at all.
  20. Check the option for the throttle detent in the special tab. I was having these issues when i had it set to automatic. Maybe select the finger-lift option and see if that corrects your issue
  21. In a word, "modifiers". If you've not used them before, they're a bit like the Shift and Ctrl keys on a keyboard, in that they effectively multiply the number of control button combinations you have available for mapping.
  22. What we ideally need is for VAICOM Pro to add voice control for George, as it does for Jester in the F14. Being able to just tell George what to do would be so much more realistic and user friendly, especially if it can also remove the need to display the George AI interface.
  23. Particularly given the rather off-putting display of the George AI in the Apache, when in VR, being able to give verbal instructions to the pilot, when in the CPG seat, would be awesome.
  24. they would be questions that you would be far better to ask in the M-2000 forum, via the first link in my previous post
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