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Hi everyone,


Currently have a T16000m and i'm looking to upgrade. I ideally want something realistic such as a centre stick and I have been looking at the TM warthog, VKB gunfighter and Virpil T50 however don't really want to pay that much if I can help it ( as well as being put off by the warthogs quality issues and gimbal). However, I have been looking at CH products and have been wondering whether it would work well if it was mounted centrally and if it is a good stick or not? Any advice guys on any of the sticks listed here? Thanks in advance!

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CH stick use "pincer" centered gimbals - like R/C transmiter gimbal, what result in a very "clunk" center position, or passing across the center.


This stick use light weight springs, if you get used with above issue can achieve a good control with then - but far from achieve the "realistic feel" that people talk about.


Their major flaw is use the same electronics of 1999, a low resolution - 8 bits (256 points) - USB controller and potentiometers (

, limited life span).


Today joysticks use 10 (1024 points), 12 bits (4096 points) what is 4, 6 times more and most use contact less sensor (like your T.16000M) in X,Y axes.


TmW (and your current T.16000M) is advertised as 16 bits (65.536) - what is usable only by Alien hands. :)

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I wouldn't put my money into a CH or Warthog anymore. For a long time, they we the benchmark for affordable enthusiast sticks. But now, VKB, Virpil, BRD have all raised the bar considerably. Sokol has described the limitations of the CH gear. In addition, the CH is not designed to be used as a center-mounted stick.


The Warthog is also designed as a side stick, you can mod it to make it a center-mounted stick, but VKB, Virpil and BRD all have sticks that are fundamentally centre-mounted. Also, the Warthog has internals that you would find on an entry level joystick - cheap, poorly made plastic gimbal.


You now have three different companies that will give you far more for your money. I've gone with VKB, will let you know what the Gunfighter is like when I get it.

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Kinda left field but this "feels" quite good for cyclic action and maybe a cheap way to see how not having a centre detent on the cyclic feels.


Low cost and easy mod.

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but for now virpil or vkb are not cheap solutions. even compare to warthog.

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Agree... The HOTAS from TMW and Virpil will cost nearly the same... Just that the Virpil has better quality compared to TMW ...


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It's the entry level HOTAS, the setup many of us bought.

The stick itself is a poor design and can never get over the sloppy center but I did use it for 5 years. I'm still using the throttle and stick(as buttons) and went CH fighterstick and MSFFB.

I would say I got a decent bang for my buck.

All the above are entry level stuff now, VKB, Virpil and BRD have raised the bar.

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