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Wrong Specular Map


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I leave it here, this is not really a bug, but, this a kind of bug...


The Specular map for Mirage 2000 is wrongly created. This is like this since the beginning, but with the new deferred shading engine, this become very obvious. In fact, the current specular map for the mirage is a kind of "inverted" one: Some parts that should reflect and specular are rough, while some parts that should be rough are full of specular and reflection.


I just made a quick corrected specular map to test, and to show you what i mean:




As you can see, on left (original specular map), the the only parts that reflect and specular are the parts where the paint is dirty and dusty. In opposition, where the paint is clear, there is no specular nor reflection. On the right side, this is the specular map i made in few minutes.


Unfortunately, i don't have a good PSD template to create a correct specular map, so, i can't help you more :D


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Only an idea. The worn parts with dusty paint must show the metalic fuselage below?


So is correct the shinning.

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The corrected one is better in my opinion, downloading now,thanks for sharing.


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