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HMS not actually centered where I'm looking with my track IR

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maybe its because your camera isnt centered to the reticle,


at least for me, i found most of the default camera positions of Aircrafts in dcs a bit headsdown. so i just start my facetrackir, look a bit up to put the HUD in the center, zoom in to check if its in the center, and then zoom out to put my perfect FoV. after that, i press Ralt+0 to save the camera,


re-center the facetrackir and now my zero position will be centered on the hud.


Dont own the ka-50 but if u are willing to try some stuff, go ahead. it may help you!


hope it helps.


(If u fck up your views you can restore them i guess via replacing default files for it.)


now that i think it more, i dont think this will work o.O


I7 7700k - Msi Z270 Gaming+

GTX 1070ti

16gb @2400

2x Samsung 850EVO 250/500 - 1x HDD 1TB


WIN 10


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When I enable the HMS and look at a point on the screen then zoom, I lose the HMS reticule off the screen. Is this something I need to adjust in facetracknoIR or is there a setting to adjust it in DCS. I don't know enough to know where to start.


Thats like it is since 9 years.


There is a mod which does fix that. But i have never used this mod it and i have no idea how it will effect Multiplayer(Integrity check).


But still maybe somebody else has the link to that mod.


Just wanted to say that this is normal and nothing is messed up with your view.

"Blyat Naaaaa" - Izlom

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This is indeed normal behaviour as Isegrim mentioned.


I do have that mod that centres it in the screen.


In the Ka-50 folder; cockpit > scripts (if I recall correctly).


Look for the lua file called config.


There will be a line there that says '= rad - blabla bla bla"


Simply change it to '= 0'



It's Integrity Check legal as well.

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The only reason that i can imagine is that the HMS is not aligned perfectly with your line of sight because the russian thought it can be disturbing to the pilot.


And you can still have a look and work inside the Cockpit.


I think its like that beacause its the same with the HMS in the SU-27. Also keep in mind that there is no zoom for your eyes in real life so the off effect is less a Problem.

"Blyat Naaaaa" - Izlom

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I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that in the real world, the HMS covers only 1 eye. As such, it wouldn't be quite centered.


I haven't flown the BlackShark in a couple years so I can't remember what it looks like.


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Hey guys, this fix worked great for me in 1.5.8 but now in the 2.5 open beta changing the offset angle in the config file back to 0 doesn't seem to do anything for me. Is there some other way to fix this? I very much prefer having the HMS in the center of the screen. Thanks

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