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AJS-37 Livery Template


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Sorry to ask again but im using the original paint kit type thing and the files are huge and even my monster pc is struggling. Im more than compitent livery designer but jesus ive never used a file like the ones i was linked before.


Does anyone have a more easy to use (e.g. smaller file) than the ones provided previously.



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I normally hide the problem folder while creating then unhide it to export.


Or you could wait for them to release the smaller version.

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No official template still...



Commander VFA-106 Gladiators


Modules : all but I-16.


Rig: Ryzen 2700x, 32gig 3200 ddr4 ram, Aorus 2080 TI, 512gb + 1tb SSD + 2x5TB raid HD


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