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The Great Speculation Thread


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Allright ladies and gentlemen, its on. The prime time of DCS World has come upon us with the start of the pre-purchase for the Harrier available as of today. I think this marks the start of a new time for DCS with many, many great things to come. To name but a few:



  • F/A-18C
  • F-14
  • DCS World 2.5

And so on..

The three above have been (read the following word very carefully) scheduled for this year. This year is coming close to only having two months left. This leaves us with two questions which can be toned down to two words. If (will it be in 2017) and when (when in 2017).Im very much against asking for release dates and asking when stuff is ready, I know, its ready when its ready. But what is more fun then discussing this kind of stuff, to let some of that excitement steam off. Another reason for me creating this thread is the fact that several people have reported been given different format serial numbers for the AV-8B, which I think is a clue for different or updated security measures. Perhaps this is a sign for 2.5 being close? The Great Merge? By the way, this thread is purely aimed at discussing of when is what to come, I know that in a way this is pointless, but we gotta have something to do with the time we have to wait..


So with out further ado, let your imagination flow and give every one the hype virus with your theories about what is when to come..

''Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction.''

Erich Fromm

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