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Can we change HUDs?

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My first post here!

My question:

I own the F5-E from Belsimtech and I love it.

However I despise the HUD for bombing. Is it possible to give it an A-10a bombing HUD instead of the gold-star of miss everythingntude hud, but keep the F5 cockpit?


I do not play online, I only make my missions and fly them.


I am looking for the fun of the green pickle on a stick bomb/rocket site from the A-10a or similar HUD style, but keeping that awesome F5 cockpit.


Prehaps we can look at this as the F3E got an upgrade to 70's through 90's HUD tech☺


Anywho, has it been done, is there a term for this, a tutorial for DIY HUD swap maybe please?

And a hearty thank you for all that care to help.

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So then, if I understand correctly then the cockpit is connected with the Hud then. If so, then this explains to me why the other flyable mods use the A10a, F15 and Russian cockpits with a different jet-body model then?


I guess I am between a rock and a hard place on available aircraft then. The bombsite for the standard F5-E is too crude and unreliable unless one is a master at it, and the HUDs for the A10C/ F-18 and other 'newest' jets are too modern and a mind-numbing clickfest of menus and 'notfun' just to drop a bomb with a pipper that works...


I wonder how hard, the possibility level of - it would be for the jet producing devs to provide a Flaming Cliffs level of cockpit/HUD depth with their aircraft instead of the micro-managing level of avionics needed for the MFD aircraft?

I ask this as the 'game' mode avionics are too arcade and the other end of the spectrum is not a joy to grind through. But the Flaming Cliffs level of just a few key presses to get into A2G or A2A is such a perfect fit for flyers like me....

I guess I am not knowledgeable enough to even frame the question properly with the correct terms. Well, time will tell.

I deeply thank all the VSN and flyable aircraft modders out there for extending the FUN for peeps like me☺.


Well, thank you for answering. I appreciate your time.

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Thank you Sirius, I appreciate the answer. Helps to understand what's under the hood. And to appreciate the specifics. I'll know better what to look for before I purchase another aircraft is all. Still love the F5-E enough to enjoy the tar out of it.


As to Storm's response, 'nutz'.


To the rest still here, I am partial to the level of avionics in Flaming Cliffs. and hope to see other aircraft released in the future that offer that level of avionics once again. Arcade is just too arcade. FC had a really nice balance to its avionics while maintain gorgeous cockpits.. You could get immersed and flying without too much study..


Looking forward to future flyable mods too then as well. A HUGE thank you to you Flyable mod providers here☺

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you dont need SDK Access to script the HUD, it's written in LUA.

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