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Bullseye and UH-1


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You could use two beacons to find out your position on the map, but you should at least have a rough idea where you are.


Find a beacon on the map, set your Radio Homing. Draw a line on the F10 map. Do the same for the 2nd beacon. You should be where the two lines cross. Unfortunately you can't have two lines visible at the same time in DCS. Thus, you'd have to set some markers.


It's for sure best to land somewhere where you have some significant landarks (e.g. crossing roads and river, powerlines...stuff like that).



Once you know where you are, finding the bullseye is just normal pilotage. Set some ACP on the map and fly on sight.



Edit: And if all fails, you can still load the mission in the mission editor to determine your start position.

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Any idea how to find the helicopter position from or to the bullseye?

I can't find a way, maybe there is none.:cry:

Just like WW2 birds, the Huey is navigated by compass and map. You should always keep track of your position on the map. You know where you start and take off and from that point on you should keep track of your position on the map, so you always know where you are. Then it is no problem to draw a bullseye location.


The radio navigation can assist if necessary and possible (there isn't always a known beacon in range IRL).

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Well, if you have the map options to "map only" then it's sometimes difficult to find the start location if there are no marks at all on the map. Aside that, I fully agree. Before you start your flight, draw your route with the rule and place ACP. To me, using "map only" changed the way I play DCS.



Of course you could still use the "mark position" feature on the kneeboard to get an idea where you are. Some consider it as cheating, some say the co-pilot would always follow the route on his map with his finger.

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Another maybe not realistic method could be to tune in to an arbitrary airfield and announce "Inbound". If no answer select another one somewhere else until you get a response. Then you get a bering and distance an can determine roughly where you are. Cancel the inbound and tune in to other nearby airfields and repeat to fine-tune your estimate. Might be considered cheating though...

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use your kneeboard . hit ctrl+k and you can see where you are.

negative side of it is; you can not delete previous checks, so the map gets ">" shape dumb site eventually and you can not understand which one is latest check

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