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Campaign/Single missions missing


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recently installed the stand alone Mig-29 module with new PFM.

The e-store product page says, Quote:




  • „Includes instant action, single missions, and a campaign.“








However, after successful installation there are neither single missions, nor a campaign available.

Only 5 or 6 instant missions.



Has anyone found the single missions or campaign with the stand alone module?



I read the other thread about it here, however there doesn‘t seem to come to a clear conclusion or solution.

Otherwise I would file a support ticket.



Thank you very much in advance.



Kind regards ,




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I'm sure that ED will probably fix this, but for now the stand alone version of the MiG-29 cames with just 13 "Quick Start" missions, and of those only 6 are for Caucasus, the remaining are for the Persian Gulf Map.



The Flaming Cliffs version cames with a 10-mission Campaign, and 23 Quickstart Missions (half of them for Normandy).



Sadly, it too It doesnt include any single mission.



I've uploaded the FC3 missions for the Mig-29, on this link:






The training missions, are actually the Su-27's that I modified for the MiG-29 ... both fighters are so similar that it isnt very difficult to adapt Su-27 missions for the MiG-29.



Cheers and lets hope that ED doesnt mind me sharing these misions with you guys, while they fix the problem :)


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Hi everyone,



I filed an official support ticket regarding the missing Single Missions and campaign for the Mig-29 module a few days ago.


Their reply was " sorry it is still in early access" .



Well ok fine, still that is a bit disappointing, as the MIG-29 product page clearly states:



Quote:" Includes instant action, single missions, and a campaign."( bold by me)




and not "final module will include single missions and campaign in the future"


Make of that what you want..



Kind regards,



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The support reply is outrageous! It does not have anything to do with EA. It's just files that are simply missing. And it's like that for years. The site/shop is misleading atm.


Also I made a post on this just because it should be reported more:


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