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Radar Scan Elevation locked in RWS after using TWS


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I am unable to change the elevation in RWS after using TWS AUTO/MAN. Switching back to TWS I can adjust the elevation again in MAN, however it's still stuck in RWS.


The track doesn't show two MiGs that are spawned via script but shows the bug correctly for me.


476 vFG Discord | 476 vFG Website 

AMD RADEON RX 6900 XT, AMD RYZEN 5600X, 32GB DDR4 @3800 16-19-16-36, MSI B550-A PRO, HP REVERB G2

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Similar issue. Locked a target with A/A Radar. Used TWS Auto Mode. Lost lock at some point in turn. No longer could use radar elevation in A/A Radar modes. Still had radar tilt function in surface modes. 


Unable to upload Track file as it is 57.9 MB. Track: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f2v0tkUu6RNEJRls--NTHmax5yvxRH-N/view?usp=sharing


Bug encountered shortly after locking C-130


Unsure how well this will sync up but I used TacView to get a time for the bug. Mission time shows 2011-06-01 at about 11:31:00 to 11:35:00 for when the bug first appeared


Additionally at the end of that track file, I tried the FCS BIT test to see if that bug was still around. But I'll make another post for that.

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I have the exact same problem using TWS AUTO.  if i can't move elevation, i try everything (lock blank space, use ACM modes Auto Ack modes, etc) then after a while the elevation will go to -99 and stay there.


No controller binding conflict, and keyboard commands cannot rectify the problem instead of using axis.


I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with AUTO mode in TWS.



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lost antenna elev in TWS. even turning  radar off and back on didnt solve it. 

bindings checked in the adjust controls menu, all fine there... 


next mission it was working dine again so I m not sure of the sequence to reproduce the glitch 

Rig: MB Gigabite z390UD, CPU Intel I7 8700k, RAM 32G DDR4 3200 Gskill ripjaws, GPU MSI RTX2080SuperOC, HDD Crucial mx500 1tb M2 sata, PSU Corsair 850W, watercooling Corsair h100,


Controlers TM f/a 18 stick on Virpil warbrd base, TM cougar f16 stick on cougar base, Cougar F16 throttle on TUSBA, ch pedals, TM cougar MFD


27" monitor with trk IR 5 and HP Reverb HMD.



Modules F18, F16, F86, Mig15, FW 190D9, Nellis range map, Aggr campaign, Middle East map

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Same issue.

1. Steps to reproduce: RWS -> TWS -> TWS Auto

Radar elevation control is no longer operable, it is ok since we're in auto mode.

2. Switch to TWS MAN. Radar elevation can now be operable again.

3. Switch to RWS. Radar elevation control is lost again.

4. Back to TWS. Same. Note, that Auto mode is enabled again.

5. Repeat step 2 and so on.


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I know this is a bug.

But, until this is resolved do this:

select amraam/sparrow mode, press and release designate on an empty space on the radar format. While the radar is doing the narrow search, change weapon mode to amraam/sparrow/sidewinder.


You will now have regained control of elevation in RWS.

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Win10 64, Asus Maximus VIII Formula, i5 6600K, Geforce 980 GTX Ti, 32 GB Ram, Samsung EVO SSD.

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