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Logbook not logging daytime flight hours


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I bought the P-51 on the last sale (April 2021) and noticed that daytime flight hours for the P-51D and P-51D-30-NA are not logged.  Nighttime flight hours are.  The weird thing is, I could have sworn this was working before.  I noticed this when I checked to see how many hours I had in the Mustang because I was starting to get more consistent with my takeoffs and landings and was wondering how long it had taken me.


The TF-51D appears to log day/night hours properly.  So do the other modules I'm currently using (Huey, Hornet, and starting Bf-109).


I tried creating a new pilot and even deleted the logbook.lua file to start from scratch but neither action helped.  This is not a big deal but I was wondering if anyone else has seen this problem.

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