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  1. Yes - have done that… A UK based dev is badly needed for DCS though. Germany, Italy and Spain have devs that have a passion for their National aircraft / air forces, and Raz have followed through with the Mirage Of course, it doesn’t help that so much obsolete UK kit remains classified with little of no access to reference docs.
  2. Maybe your selected figure is a Big Marine
  3. Proportion looks ok-ish to me… scaling up from the man, the boat looks about 10x longer. Assume the infantry figure is 6’ and that gets you to 60’… not far off your measured 66’
  4. My thoughts… if your a consistent 45 mins each time I’d check the outer wing tank gauges. I was using the Mossie for some Falklands sightseeing and had to flip the fuel cocks over to main at “roughly” that time into my flight
  5. rkk01

    Radar functions

    The book Harrier 809 describes the massive variation in radar returns from different Sea Harrier airframes…. Apparently the airframes that had liberal / recent applications of WD40 anti-corrosion spray lit radar screens up like a Christmas tree
  6. Hunter and Lightning are both receiving some 3rd party attention…but anyone’s guess as to how far out. Jag and / or a Tornado would be absolutely awesome… IndiaFoxtEcho are doing and Italian (?) IDS for civvysim. No word on whether they have plans to adapt for DCS though…
  7. Assets that have been shown / teased but not yet released… (from memory, so may not be complete…) HMS Hermes Type 21 Frigate Type 22 Frigate Rothesay Frigate Leander Class Frigate conversions (?) esp Exocet & Sea Wolf??? County Destroyer Type 42 Destroyer Round Table LSL (?) Fearless LPD (?) O Class SSK Various STUFT General Belgrano Type 209 U-Boat 25 de Mayo - listed for EA
  8. There’s sufficient Phantom SMEs on here to pick up the detail… …. but I think the name is the same…!
  9. rkk01

    Type 89 says hi.

    Presumably we are taking about the B&W (historical) background… being brought to life (brought to DCSW) in the full colour foreground…? Hopefully means historical Marianas, Corsair, carrier and Japanese assets are all progressing… (… along with a Hellcat…?!)
  10. rkk01

    Type 89 says hi.

    Have thought for a while… that the Corsair dev / launch is being paced to fit with WW2 Marianas and any as yet unannounced PTO assets
  11. Interesting… “towed array” was a fairly loosely used term. The later Batch 2 Leander conversions are listed as having a 2031 towed array, and photos show the large cable drum aft of the flight deck. Wiki suggests that the Batch 3 conversions were supposed to have TA, but nothing is listed, except that the fit was victim of the defence review. However, the Batch 3s did have that transom cut out and cable reel mount… I can’t find any info on what it was for. The Batch 3s had an extreme makeover to reduce top weight - lighter looking funnel, slim main mast etc, and the local rumour mill was that the transom cut out was to get weight lower
  12. Also with transom cutout for towed array
  13. Agreed on that one… needs to be tweaked by Raz… even today the runways are marked out by white rocks (based on Google Earth) Please Raz - get the markers in place, mow the grass and move the building at the eastern end of the runway The Pebble Island Airfield that is modelled - I’m deeply sceptical that it’s the correct location. Looks like a peat cutting pit. The grass runway just NW is probably what they were aiming for
  14. There is actually another grass runway visible between the two - I suspect the wikimapia ref should be to this one… the two areas that raise my suspicions about the modelled SE field are: 1. Dark colouration in west - looks like flooding??? Which would imply a depression / lower ground level within an excavation 2. Striations / linear grain within the terrain - looks like the texture you’d get from peat cutting, and there are similar patterns immediately NE of Pebble Island Lodge
  15. Patch status has been updated to 22/06/22
  16. Just had a fly around in the little Yak… it’s definitely possible to land and take off from the “proper” Pebble Island field, but someone needs to mow the grass and put the white marker stones back As @Northstar98 states above, there is a building at the eastern end of the longest runway - a bit unnerving to be accelerating towards this on takeoff! The little field that Razbam has worked up as Pebble Island airfield is very unconvincing. Google Earth imagery shows no roads or buildings and the feature looks partially flooded. I’m still of the opinion that this is a peat cut
  17. I’m not sure that other Pebble Island site is even an airfield… looks more like a peat cutting site???
  18. Whereabouts is the larger one? There’s a straightish area of grass about 5km east, but very difficult to pick out in GE. I’ve overflown the smaller field - would be a challenge for most fixed wing (except Yak & Harrier??)
  19. Hunter is a beautiful looking aircraft… and for a small aircraft, the sound is absolutely awesome. Hunter “blue note” is up there with the Vulcan howl
  20. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this map, and it doesn’t disappoint This is Banff Strike Wing territory, and the Mossie has always been the aircraft that I wanted take on the fjords with… Outbound… crossing Orkney? Shetland’s??? With Razbam’s promise of ongoing development and improvements, I can see this map being a cornerstone arena for DCS for years to come - fantastic The dark skies, stormy seas and brooding atmosphere makes this a unique map to fly in. The potential for WW2, Cold War, Falklands Conflict and future NATO Northern Flank Ops are limitless… Now, back to ship hunting - Enemy Coast Ahead but, be warned - destroyers placed in a narrow fjord will ruin your day
  21. Enemy Coast Ahead… … but you don’t want to come across a destroyer in a narrow fjord Love the dark skies, stormy seas and brooding atmosphere
  22. Have been waiting excitedly for the new “Norway” map This is Mossie Territory through and through… Outbound
  23. I admire your dedication @mattjonesgr9, but flippin heck that response is depressing Basically - we don’t have the resources to review the sensitivity, the aircraft is out of service and the personnel who might know stuff have buggered off… That applies to any bit of old UK military kit, and the staff that operated it will be bound by the OSA
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