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SLAM ER - slewing the cursor and picture freeze. Not 100% sure it's a bug


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Hi, at WAGS video he said the picture freeze whenever you designate and only then you can slew the cursor.

In this video - it seems like the cursor can be slewed to wherever you want before the designation and picture freeze. Seems like when you press the designate - the picture will freeze and the actual command transmits to the missile. So, you can slew freely and then designate (picture will freeze). Or press designate, then the picture will freeze and you'll be able to slew. Both ways possible. The slew cursor movement not bound to pressing TDC.  


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  • ED Team

Hi all, 


Thanks, but the current operation as seen in the DCS video is still quite correct. You can either depress and hold the TDC to freeze the video, slew to target, and release to designate (as we have now), or you can slew without TDC depress and then TDC press and release to designate the location. We will add the second method a bit later.



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