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  1. Should be an AI unit, to be fair..
  2. You are missing some very important features or ones that are implemented incorrectly.
  3. @BIGNEWY Seems odd that the S\A page can display the tacan course line while the tacan station icon is not displayed. Should be both or none. Can you please ask the team?
  4. I don't think you can have a course line without the tacan icon. It just doesn't make sense at all to me. It's either having both displayed or none of them displayed.
  5. So why can you see your tacan course then? Shouldn't it also be removed?
  6. Absolutely, and it's even better when you use the SAPHEI rounds and adjust the gun piper accordingly (select PGU)
  7. +1 not sure why releasing anything without radio sounds was even considered. Anything on this?
  8. Simply ignore Jenson. His comment is 100% wrong.
  9. They add more drag (than a standard, non canted configuration). AFAIK drag has an impact on performance. Do you know why those pylons are canted?
  10. Where? Watching his video, he levels at 0.6-0.5NM
  11. Are you not counting the canted pylons?
  12. For CASEIII, each flight member should talk to the SC. It will assign the holding and push time for each member individually.
  13. I think it should switch between the two when you press D/L again. That's how it was described in NATOPS.
  14. Today we learned that wands are soon going to be added to the deck crew, which is great. My request is to make sure to iron out the issues related to transitioning between day/night operations, before the release of this feature. I request the basic transition between day and night operations to be seamless from a user prespective. This means that both the ATC and the deck crew should know to switch between the two, use the correct communication script and equip\unequip the wands accordingly. I'm worried that unless this is done, we might see bugs (like the ground crew not using wands at all) in missions that start during the day and progress into the night.
  15. Also, it's worth mentioning Switft's comment above is accurate as far as video evidence goes. There are many clips from cruise videos showing a box around one of the laser codes. It might be a misunderstanding of what the UFC option does, and when it is available.
  16. Just to add up to number 8: No. They do not function even remotely close to their real life versions, obviously.
  17. Yeah, that's ED's mission. In this mission the jet is not equipped with a targeting pod (can't turn it on if it's not mounted on the jet). You can also use the stores page or external view to understand what's mounted on the jet. No you don't have to carry or use the TGP at all to fire this missile. It's laser guided, so someone has to lase the target. You can use the TGP to lase for yourself, but in this case Darkstar (the JTAC) is supposed to lase for you, so no TGP is required.
  18. What is the exact name of the mission? In ED's 65E training mission the jet is not equipped with a targeting pod, so you can't turn it on.
  19. Yes! We've had this since the latest patch. I tried to pick apart our mission to see if it's one of our scripts or mods that causes it, but it happens in SP as well and in sterile environments (no scripts, no mods). From my side, it looks like the deck is jittering vertically as well (check F9 view)
  20. Yeah it's not the new FLIR.
  21. TGP offset and accurate tracking modes
  22. Just a reminder - not all units were adjusted to look "right" when viewed through FLIR. In fact, no airframe except the Apache was adjusted. They all use their RoughMet texture as FLIR texture (even the hornet in the apache trailer). Don't confuse this bug with the wip state of the system.
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