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Players can eject/ bail out AFTER death


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Here is a pretty typical sequence from the SoW server log. As you can see the player was recorded as DEAD before they bailed out. I will discuss what I think should be done about this down the bottom.
As you can imagine, for multiplayer servers, this scenario results in a lot of complaints and questions because the player thinks they bailed out without dying. However, DCS records a death.


2021-06-02 14:36:53.678 INFO    Scripting: event:type=pilot dead,t=9110.251,initiatorPilotName=ssun_g0d,initiatorMissionID=42,

2021-06-02 14:36:56.498 INFO    Scripting: event:type=eject,initiatorPilotName=ssun_g0d,target=,t=9113.058,initiatorMissionID=42,targetMissionID=0,

2021-06-02 14:37:15.349 INFO    Scripting: event:type=crash,t=9131.919,initiatorPilotName=ssun_g0d,initiatorMissionID=42,


The problems here are many.
1. There is currently very little in the way of visual or audio feedback for a player which is injured, especially from fire (WW2 new damage model). This means that for players they think they are OK, when in fact they are wounded, maybe mortally
2. There seems to be a mortally-wounded state where the pilot is "dying" but not yet dead. DCS already logs a player death, but the player is still able to bail out (at which point their vision is completely clear and there is no indication of being wounded/ dead). The player will then happily float down in their parachute, blissfully unaware that they are, in fact, dead.
3. It is possible to bail out even at extremely low altitudes and at crazy airspeed. There are no G, altitude or speed limits on being able to bail out. This results in players suddenly hitting "ctrl + E" a split second before they crash, in order to avoid death. The successful deployment of a parachute is not logged as an event, so simply initiating the eject sequence is enough.

What I'd like to see:

1. Better visual/ audio indication of player being wounded, which also carries over to when they are in the parachute. A lot of games do this with red-out or red-edging on the screen. It doesn't need to be Gory or trigger any kind of mature content.
2. Limits on when a player can bail out (G limits and/or Airspeed limits)
3. A new EVENT to be added to/ recorded in the log when a player's parachute safely deploys.The current logged event is just the "eject" event. This is pretty pointless because it only records the moment they hit the eject key. It does NOT record whether or not the ejection was successful (i.e. safe parachute deployment). This is probably the most important of the three, as it would de-facto solve a few issues at once.

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