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FLAP EMER RETR reversed - deploys flaps


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Running latest open beta.

Map: Causaus

Tested in basic qualification campaign and on the cold start mission


The switch deploys flaps instead of retracting them. If the flaps are in MVR position or UP, flipping this switch will deploy flaps fully.

P8Z68 | 2500k @ 4.5 | GTX 1080Ti | 2x8 GB @ 1600 | TM Hog (extended 7cm) & MFG Crosswind (S/N 007) | TIR v5

WWII bomber formations | DCS P-51D: [TEST] TO distance / gross weight / temperature

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Unfortunately I don't think you'll ever need to use it, the HYD system and connected damage model is incorrect, so you'll always have enough HYD pressure to operate everything (unlike in the real plane). Manual reversion is also never needed for the same reason. 

A windmilling engine is all you need to have full HYD pressure.

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