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  1. Seconded. Also +1 for the G6. This would round up the plane set, plus few more features like suggested here.
  2. The video looks spot on from what I am experiencing in DCS. Btw. isn't DCS Mosquito wheel suspension still WIP? Source: https://stormbirds.blog/2021/09/18/dcs-mosquito-first-impression-review/ Seconded. The biggest change for me back when I was learning the Mustang and how to do 2 point landings was to actually push forward on the stick as in order for the wheels to stick to the ground upon touchdown. This can be circumvented by having a nose down trim so you don't have to think about it. All this was and still is way different from other flight sims that I've tried.
  3. Trim is everything with DCS Spitfire. I properly trimmed, she flies as if on rails. Speaking of hardware, yeah - having a stick extension does help a lot. Or dialing some curves if on a desktop setup.
  4. Even though this is now a 7 year old video, it still applies: While not having any tail dragger stick time in real planes (apart from 1h in Cessna 172 years back) I will say that I love how DCS models wheel landings. If done right the wheels will just stick to the ground with suspension doing its thing. Then again, not sure how realistic this is compared to the real WWII birds flying today as again I have no stick time in real tail draggers. Btw. I even managed to do it in a 109 after some practice.
  5. Is it planned for future updates to also adjust collisions with new DM?
  6. Working perfectly fine, just like in any other DCS module for me.
  7. Running latest open beta. Map: Causaus Tested in basic qualification campaign and on the cold start mission The switch deploys flaps instead of retracting them. If the flaps are in MVR position or UP, flipping this switch will deploy flaps fully.
  8. Same problems as described here by others. The plane is near impossible to get under control. Upon closer inspection and several tries it looks as if the flaps don't retract after using the emergency retract switch. Perhaps this is the reason behind the uncontrolable wobble / pitching? Using latest open beta btw. at the time of writing this post. Also, for whatever reason the mission registered as success for me even though I either died or ended it before my plane crashed. The follow up attempts were done via mission builder and the practice version of said mission. EDIT: Just tested this on a cold start mission - and flaps emergency retract switch actually lowers flaps fully. I'm guessing this is a bug...
  9. Same for me. Haven't seen it in 2.7. Sent using Tapatalk
  10. The flap lever animation now moves, but the two levers next to it still do not (IIRC warm and cold air).
  11. Managed to fix it by reversing the axis in settings. Since I had both keybinds and axis the axis nullified the key press. I can now confim that flaps do work and can be set to a desires level - but the cockpit lever animations don't follow the flaps position. That is definitely a bug. There is still something fishy going on with the controls. Sometimes a random input won't register... Sent using Tapatalk
  12. Oh Hell, and I was just pleased how they finally fixed this after so many years...
  13. I couldn't get flaps to work at all. Reset controls to default, tried mouse in-cockpit, default keybinds and also Saitek Throttle Quadrant axis... No change.
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