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English vs Russian price


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Seems this question continues to come up on a regular basis ...


The simple answer is, $50 USD is what PC games cost these days in the US. The price is set by what people are willing to pay and how much the publisher wants to charge. In Russia, presumably there just is no (or little) market for PC games at the $50 price point; while in the US, they all cost that much, with console games usually $10-20 higher.


Unlike many other games I've bought and then been disappointed with, I feel that for $50, I'm getting more than my money's worth with DCS: Black Shark. That's also why I had no problem buying the Russian version too: I think supporting a unique developer like ED is worth it. If we don't buy their games, there won't be any more of them - it's as simple as that.

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English people spend double the money in this sim, how come?




Dear Sir

I see you are from Italy.

In May of this year I participated in the European Sailing Championships of the Contender sailing Dinghy. It was in Punta Ala in Tuscany. A wonderful event with typical Italian kindness and hospitality. Each night, my wife and I ate in the local Italian restaurant, and the bill for the meal, includng an excellent bottle of Italian wine, cost Euro 50.00. Two hours of pleasure. The cost of DCS:Black Shark will give you hundreds of hours of pleasure.

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