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All my mods are remove all alone from my DCS...


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I meet one problem and I don't found a solution, of course and like you my DCS is 1.2.5 and I've have installed all my MODs.


There's few hours I started my DCS but thing strange, all my MODs was removed.


Here the list of my MODs who working fine with 1.2.5:

RICARDO HD KA 50 English Blue pit 1.0


KA-50 Dirty Windows Mod

Uh-1H Winshield Scratches mod. Hi-res. Version 3

Huey Device Scale in Higher Resolution Post #1

Isegrims KA-50 Sounds for DCS World

Migo's Shkval

UH1H Huey IAS Gauge Mod


APU and ROTOR Sound Post


Sky and Terrain


So there's few minutes I have installed once again all these MODs and everything work fine !!!


It's the first time that I meet this problem, it's very strange that all my MODs are remove all alone, no ?


Please can you tell me if you have already meet this problem because it's the first time for me...


I would like to thank you in advance for your help, best regards. Skull

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It's not a problem, it's a feature, always has been since the introduction of the auto-updater.


Before updating your install, it will scan all the files verifying their integrity (i.e. if they are default or have been modified). If they've been modified they are moved to a "Backup.001" folder in your main install, and the auto-updater replaces the default unmodified files as well as installs the updated files. After updating you can just copy the files out of the backup folder back to the main install, overwrite and you're good to go. This is all just to insure that the updater is installing over a fresh install to avoid issues. I suggest using a mod handler like JSGME to uninstall mods before updating, then re-installing them afterwards.


There was also a small hotfix that was pushed, so your install most likely updated and backed up all your mods before it loaded.

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For Some reason the title made me think of this...... < shrug >


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Blaze I know that, in fact I have installed my upgrade with the auto-updater and restart my DCS and after I have installed all my mods.

But after have installed all my mods I've closed my DCS and when I've launched my DCS neither Mods was installed...

It's the first time that I meet this problem...

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How did you install your mods ? With modman ?


No I install all my mods in manual...


Bye, Skull.

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