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  1. Are the only three people here who think that the George statue planted in the front cockpit breaks the immersion? …asked by someone who’s too spoiled by Jester’s animations…
  2. As topic title suggest, following the update to 2.7.11 DCS won'w start and show this shader error message: [url=https://imgbb.com/][img]https://i.ibb.co/FmNqGfn/DCS-error.jpg[/img][/url] Any ideas what could be the issue?
  3. I have used the VRNeck (Steam VR+HP Reverb G2) with no issues up to a recent DCS update. Now the utility just doesn't work anymore. It starts up and upon pressing left / right view (+/-30 deg) the view point just jumps out of the cockpit and that's it.. Any clues/fixes? Could really find any recent updates.
  4. Same here.. Constant crashing of Steam VR (stable and latest beta), specifically with Mi-24
  5. VR setup with Reverb G2 DCS 2.5.xx - Steam VR "Beta", WMR for Steam "Beta" were fairly stable to not lock on as an issue. DCS 2.7 - Steam VR "Beta", WMR for Steam "Beta" started crashing on DCS load. Switched to Steam VR and WMR for Steam "Stable" and the issue was resolved. DCS 2.7.2 - Now Steam VR "Stable" started crashing in such random way that consistent gameplay is not possible (Mostly with Mi-24P but also with the Hornet). Any ideas what's broken this time?
  6. Couple of weeks after 2.7 got installed, Steam VR started crashing on DCS startup. Was not able to play at all for the past few weeks. With the recent DCS and SteamVR updates the issue remained. Tried opting out of the WMR for Steam Beta as some users suggested and the crashes stopped... Go figure...
  7. Awesome little birdie... VNAO, guys you have nailed it! Thanks a million
  8. I have a ? regarding the paging file: [QUOTE] I have my page file set to a 32968 to 65536 this is on my operating system disk (NVME) I have a separate SSD for DCS, this changed from fixed page file as DCS when using HIGH for textures, needs an absolute ton of RAM to decompress the textures I have set the recommended values for the SYS drive to 32968 (initial size) and 65536 (maximum size). I also have a separate SSD for DCS where the paging file is set to [none], is this correct or should I allocate paging (and what values) there as well?
  9. Anyone having trouble with VRK on DCS 2.7? On my PC VRK seem to crash ocasionaly (closes itself) and doesn't show in VR while in multiplayer. It used to work with the 2.5.6 just fine...
  10. does the shader mod in 2.7 have version including the transparent water?
  11. I'm I the only one feeling the MFD's are not bright enough in VR? At night/dawn/dusk the MFD's are fine, not so much during daytime.. The HUD and the UFC displays are OK. ED, crank up the MFD brightness maybe?
  12. ED, I know it's probably on the bottom of your priority list but it's so anoying and hard on my eyes, watching these worthless load screens flicker every time for a minute or more.. Duno why but was expecting 2.7 to take care of this issue. Well, it didn't, so ED, can you please eventually fix it?....
  13. Not what I was expecting as well.. Hopefully at some point the VR environment will get more love from ED
  14. No, its Z390 (Maximus XI Code).. Never mind, got the issue sorted with the Steam VR unistall/install... Frankly still not sure what got DCS to start crashing...
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