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  1. I got it solved: I use ghe reflective one gor ghe generic skin and the less reflective one with fixed bort number
  2. I think I got it now with the reflections. The variant on the bottom looks more like the real F-86 Sabres from Japan, but I like the more reflective version :D I think I'll stay with the version on top, even if it is fictional. And no, I don't manage both versions ;)
  3. It would be great to have Carriers from World War 2 era: IJN Shokaku & Zuikaku USS Hornet HMS Illustrious
  4. v4 uploaded, please find details in first post
  5. You are right. AI-151 will be changed to red over blue too. I use AI-151 for comparison :)
  6. I'm using BI-112 to test and fix some errors I made with my first Zero skins. After that I'll update the other Zero skins and send them to ED. Engine cowling is now a blueish black instead of brownish red Color code on wheel plate is now historically correct (A6M2 had blue and red bands) The position of the color bands is still too high (will fix next)
  7. Thanks for the information. So I think the colors are variant specific: A6M2 = Red on top of Blue A6M3 = Red on top of Yellow A6M5 = Red on top of Yellow on top of Blue The A6M3 was heavier and longer than the A6M2 because of the new Sakae 21 engine.
  8. Does someone of you know what the color code on the wheels stands for? Some have a blue and red band, others have red and yellow and some have all three colors. Is it related to the variant?
  9. Yeah, that's a workaround but it must be possible, because ED also did it correctly with the Bf-109K
  10. Unfortunately it is the way the Würger is programmed
  11. I‘m currently not pleased with the reflections and colours of the fin. Maybe I should take some advice from jocko :D
  12. Next one will ready for the updated skin pack. Release will be after ED included the contest winning Fw-190 skins. BI-112, Mitsubishi A6M2 type 0 Model 21, IJN Carrier Soryu, Pearl Harbour, Second Wave, Private Officer 2nd class Takashi Okamoto
  13. I‘ll release a newer skin pack when I see which skins of mine are included by ED. I also want to create a few more carrier based „Zeros“
  14. I did know the kanji is „tsu“, thats why I called my skin Tsu-102, but I didn‘t thought for one second that it could be because of Tsukuba :music_whistling: :doh: :D
  15. Mitsubishi A6M2 Type 0 Model 21, Tsukuba Air Corps, Operational Training Unit, October 1943, Tsu-102 Can someone tell me the meaning of this Kanjii symbol?
  16. Thx :) I‘ll add a few more even when two of mine are ingame
  17. Thank you! Today I started on the trainer squadron skin (orange bottom)
  18. In case someone need reference pictures :D
  19. I guess he's meaning all who are posting after the 16th Februrary :music_whistling:
  20. Fictional Imperial Japanese Navy A6M Rei-sen with japanese maintenance texts and red-brownish primer underneath the green-grey or green overcoat. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308081/
  21. v3 uploaded, please find details in first post
  22. After finishing Rai-153 I‘ll start the training plane on the top
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