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  1. From https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/miles_rules/
  2. Miles are generally only for ED products unless the 3rd party agrees to include their product (See point 2). And considering that a lot of people have already purchased the campaign, not sure including it after the fact would be fair.
  3. AdrianL

    frame rate

    Right Control + Pause by default. Each time you press that combination it will cycle between FPS Counter -> More FPS detail -> FPS counter off.
  4. Try to delete the bad folder first i.e. the full path to "KNEEBOARD "
  5. Bottom toolbar. You will see an icon on the end that looks like a tank. Tooltip will be 'Show Models'. Will show models if zoomed in enough.
  6. FYI The S-300 series clashes with the HighDigitSAMs pack. My DCS just crashes on startup if I have both installed
  7. From Viper mini updates: We have decided to return several items to the planned features of Early Access release. These include: Sniper XR Targeting Pod. RWR Handoff PRF Tones. Radar Velocity Search Mode.
  8. A lot of files changed after the update and the updated manual is in the doc folder. So assume it is in and the patch notes are just not included
  9. Thought this YouTube video was excellent . All the Animagraffs videos are good.
  10. It has been deleted from the repo You can accessed it via the git commit over here https://github.com/RedK0d/CLICKABLE-FC3/raw/e6086b961dc0dbd1767a1d79d241e2d521a0c807/LowFidelityAircraftManual_compressed.pdf
  11. From the release notes thread. So hopefully in the patch release still scheduled for June sometime
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